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Conservation League Says Quality of Life Matters In Horry

Carolina Bays

International Drive Route Along Lewis Ocean Bays Preserve Conservation League Says Quality of Life Matters Along With Growth. Retirees Agree Earlier this month the U.S. District Court in Florence upheld an Army Corps of Engineers permit that allowed some preliminary work on the 5.6-mile road from Carolina Forest to S.C. …

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Black Bike Week 2017 Will Happen

Black Bike Week

Black Bike Week 2017 expects to draw another 300,000 motor cycle enthusiasts to the Myrtle Beach area from May 26 to May 29, 2017. Black Bike week  is historically one of the busiest weekends of the Myrtle Beach season. Attendants of the 2016 Myrtle Beach event  expressed both anger and …

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When Questioned Local Leaders Hide

John Rhodes and Brad Dean

  City Myrtle Beach Area Chamber Leaders Duck Hard Questions The local Sun New article of just yesterday exposes a pattern of how the city and Myrtle Beach Area Chamber leaders duck hard questions from the media.  Sun News Reporter Chloe Johnson questioned  Keith Pierce of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber …

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5 Shot – Myrtle Beach Closes Downtown Block


Myrtle Beach Closes Downtown Block City Manager John Pedersen  used an emergency ordinance to permanently  close  the entire historic section of downtown Myrtle Beach in the 5 Points/Super Block area this week.   The city no longer allows downtown parking in the area from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.   While …

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City Asks Developer Limit Primary Resident Voters

CITY COUNCIL ASKS DEVELOPER TO LIMIT PRIMARY HOMEOWNER  PURCHASES – COUNCIL KNOWS PRIMARY HOMEOWNERS VOTE   The city’s concerns became clearer,  however, when City Councilwoman Mary Jeffcoat asked for assurances that these secondary homes would not  be  occupied by annual rentals.  She stated the city would prefer daily and weekly rentals …

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Brad Dean

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President Brad Dean was all smiles today as the Chamber of Commerce initiative RIDE III passed by an overwhelming majority of local votes.   “We were nervous this would get caught up in the national frustration with government, and spill over into an anti-road vote,” …

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