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Local Establishment – Corporate Media Concerned

Myrtle Beach Chamber

  Businessman Donald Trump surprised establishment America last night.   In his win,  the big losers were evident.   Establishment Democrats, establishment Republicans, corporate media, wall street,  corporate America, and all big government/big business cronies who took it on the chin. The rust belt, the South, and every day Americans …

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Who Is Citizens For Better Roads?

Butch Bowers

Local merchants believe Citizens For Better Roads is simply a front for the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber A hastily formed political action group called  Citizens For Better Roads has been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting a 1% local tax initiative called RIDE III.  The initiative is on the …

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Myrtle Beach Locals Express Anti Establishment Mood

Myrtle Beach Anti Establishment

  Myrtle Beach locals express anti establishment mood Is the Myrtle Beach area about to advance the calendar forward to 2017 or is it  1967 all over again? The sentiment in Carolina Forest, Horry County and Myrtle Beach appears highly  anti establishment this year.  Carolina Forest and Myrtle Beach city …

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RIDE III May Be Better Than RIDE IV

RIDE III HORRY COUNTY TAX An unknown group called Citizens For Better Roads has spent over $500,000 promoting the RIDE III Horry County tax to  local residents.   Local TV, Radio, personalized direct mail,  internet sites, and billboards at every congested area in town are informing residents that Horry County …

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Hurricane Matthew’s Second Wave – Thousands Flee

HURRICANE MATTHEW’S SECOND WAVE HAS THOUSANDS FLEEING Hurricane Matthew’s Second wave BEACH COALITION HELPS FLOOD VICTIMS Hurricane Matthew’s second wave has thousands of locals, who have never experienced a flood, fleeing their homes as waters engulf area towns.  The entire town of Nichols, S.C. is completely underwater.  These are the very towns tourists …

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Locals BoyCott Seafood Fesitival


In a press release sent out today,  Horry County residents have announced they will be boycotting this Saturday’s Myrtle Beach Seafood Festival.  The Seafood Festival is put on by the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation.  The DRC is fully funded by parking fees.  The city of Myrtle Beach now charges county residents $10 …

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