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Traditions – Scott Lemons

Now that Summer is at peak,  I can’t help but thank God for the traditions we celebrate in America. July 4th is a time for watermelon on the beach,  burgers by the shore, and family near. I hope each of you the same blessed time together that my family will enjoy …

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Faith In Our Time

  Recent news reports have circulated about the decline of Americans who believe in God.  A recent pew research poll found only 70% of Americans listing themselves as Christian.  That number is down 3 points from just a few years ago.  Younger Americans are especially abandoning the traditional faith of their parents. …

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Summer Visitors Expected Down By 800,000

Tourism Industry forecasters are now predicting Summer vacationers to Myrtle Beach may be down by as many as 800,000 visitors.   This will mark the first large drop by this many visitors to Myrtle Beach since the 1970s.   Jimmy Carter was in office the last time Myrtle Beach saw …

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Collusion In Myrtle Beach

Tourist Tax

In 2015, as we approach the Summer of year six of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce’s 1% tourist tax initiative,  I believe this is a great moment to pause and determine how effective the tax has been over its lifespan.  For the record, we did not speak with …

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Myrtle Beach Needs New Focus

Myrtle Beach is facing what technologists call an interruption cycle in the next decade.  This interruption cycle is not a technology one, however.   This disruption will be caused by a dynamic change in racial demographics of the make up of America. Today,  America is still largely made up of …

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Scott Lemons Cares

Scott Lemons,  Myrtle Beach community leader is a person who believes in the value of true investing. Myrtle Beach’s celebrated Street Reach has helped thousands of homeless people who struggle with addictions or have just fallen on hard times. Seeing the problem for what it truly is,  Scott Lemons has …

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