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Myrtle Beach Heroin Epidemic

Blossom Inn

The current Myrtle Beach Heroin Epidemic was addressed last night by the city of Myrtle Beach.   In 2015,  the Horry County Coroner’s Office reported 72 people died from a heroin overdose. Through early August 2016, our area has already had more than 36 deaths to date. Myrtle Beach Heroin Epidemic Mayor Rhodes …

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Letter To The Editor – Best of 1969

Letter to the Editor – Cindy Sarvis,  Horry County Resident   LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Some locals say Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes came to the Beach for a party back in 1969.   For him, the party  just never ended. I don’t personally know John, but I have followed …

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Letter To The Editor – Taxes & Parking Fees

Letter to the Editor – Bob Pisani,   Carolina Forest Resident Once upon a time Robin Hood and his Merry Men stole from the rich to give to the poor to pay the onerous taxes imposed on the serfs by Prince John. Today we have “ROBBING HOOD” and “METER MAID MARIAN” …

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Myrtle Beach Season Ends On A High

Myrtle Beach Summer

Myrtle Beach Season Ends Myrtle Beach Must Address Ocean Pollution To Have a Successful 2017 What has historically been the last big weekend of the Myrtle Beach season ends today Sunday,  August 14th.  The weekend turned out to be one of the busiest of the entire summer. With final 2016 numbers now coming …

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Market Common Cyclists Put Community First

Market Common Cyclists

Market Common Cyclists are choosing to put their health and their community first. There is a pace and a place for all riders  who come the Pee Dee organizers say A group of Market Common cyclists made up of residents,  Myrtle Beach residents, and even some tourists meet at Pee …

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Chinese Myrtle Beach Investments Start Unraveling

Chinese Investors Myrtle Beach

CHINESE MYRTLE BEACH INVESTMENTS SHAKY WITH FIRST COURSE CLOSING CHINESE MYRTLE BEACH INVESTMENTS COULD COST HOMEOWNERS $10 BILLION In a sign of what most locals have expected,  Chinese Myrtle Beach investments took a hit today with the news that Black Bear Golf Club has closed.  “No Trespassing” signs have been …

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