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“Buy Out” only covers 429 flood families county-wide

Cam Crawford

Information obtained by MyrtleBeachSC news from the South Carolina Disaster Recovery Office shows 9,188 families applied for FEMA flood assistance as of December 2019. This before all the recent flooding. New claims are being filed daily. Of those who applied, only 2,592 were approved. 4,910 flood families applied for National …

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Horry County homeowners pay Santee Cooper millions in hidden fees

Plantation Lakes

Homeowners at Plantation Lakes in Carolina Forest want to do away with the hidden utility fees they pay Santee Cooper monthly. Homeowner Bob Sweet says the association of homeowners pay $7,700.00 monthly to lease light poles from the troubled utility. Says Sweet, “Santee Cooper has been successful at keeping this …

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Wednesday Water Cooler Feb. 19


WATERCOOLER WEDNESDAY: Dave and David ( are discussing the latest gas tax money laundering scheme proposed by state legislators. We’re also talking gun control in Cottageville, Santee Cooper and how legislators allow power companies to charge us for NOT using their product! Also – recurring flooding problems in Horry County.

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