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Peggie Andrews Bushey
Local Resident Holds Government Accountable

Peggie Bushey Lights Up Local Elected Officials

Peggie Andrews Bushey has become a local hero for many Horry County conservatives. Her willingness to bluntly put sunlight on Horry County “liberal” elected officials (hiding out as conservatives) has won her a local following.

South Carolina lawmakers have sent the state’s $8 billion spending plan to Gov. Henry McMaster, but not before a squabble over abortion.

The Senate approved the budget on a 30-9 vote, and three hours later Thursday, the House approved the spending plan on an 84-28 vote.

As ABC news reported: Many of the no votes came from Republicans who oppose all abortions want to remove $34 million that Medicaid gives for family planning and abstinence education and replace it with state budget money. That would allow lawmakers to remove about $20,000 that goes to Planned Parenthood.

The bill also has a controversial measure that allows S.C. Government to data mine resident information.

However, the Horry County delegation of Greg Hembree, Steve Goldfinch, Heather Ammons Crawford, Tim McGinnis, and Alan Clemmons had no reservations about voting for the bloated budget that allows for data mining and funds Planned Parenthood.

Representatives Kevin Hardee, Russell Fry, and Jeff Johnson voted against the measure.


Jeff Johnson

Perhaps the era of liberals hiding out as Horry County conservatives is now a time just past.



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