Why Your Pet Gets Bad Breath?

Bad Breath


Diabetes, specifically diabetic ketoacidosis, can also make a dog’s breath smell unusual, giving it a sweet, almost fruity smell. Uncontrolled diabetes can also “suppress the immune system, allowing bacteria in the mouth to grow unchecked,” according to Barghusen.

Foreign Substances

Unfortunately, dogs eat plenty of non-food items that aren’t good for their bodies or their breath.  Dr. Jennifer Quammen, DVM, of Grants Lick Veterinary Hospital in Kentucky says that she has seen bones, fishing hooks and sticks all cause foul breath in dogs. Those objects can all get stuck in a dog’s mouth or teeth, she says.

Barghusen agrees that dogs do sometimes eat some pretty undesirable things: “Eating disgusting stuff like feces and long-dead animals can also cause significantly bad breath.”

Getting Help

Getting help for a pet with bad breath has never been easier. While professionals like Richard M. Dervin DDS only work on humans, you can find dental experts who will also be willing to work on your pet’s mouth. This can make it much easier to pin down the cause of bad breath, while also having the chance to find a solution.