Powerful S.C. Legislator known for rehab stints and absences, finds Freedom Caucus Challenger

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The former Head of the House Judiciary, S.C. District 98 Legislator Chris Murphy will face Freedom Caucus Candidate Lynz Piper-Loomis in the Republican Primary June 2024.

As MyrtleBeachSC News reported, Murphy attempted to get his wife Maite Murphy (pitured above) appointed to the S.C. Supreme Court in 2022. His attempt failed when he later admitted himself into rehab.

Murphy missed this last week of the legislative session as he scheduled a vacation in the Virgin Islands.

He is well reported for his many legislative absences.

Chris Murphy regularly makes headlines for the wrong reasons

In announcing her run today, Lynz Piper-Loomis posted on Facebook:

Well if you thought CHRIS MURPHY FOR STATE HOUSE, DISTRICT 98 missing over 200 votes last cycle was bad…

If you thought voting down the Protect Women’s Sport act TWICE was bad when it came to Judiciary Committee that he was Chairman of…

If you thought blocking all anti-human trafficking legislation from his colleagues as head of Judiciary Committee was bad…

If you thought his wife getting nominated & elected as a judge by state law makers not long after he was elected was bad…

If you thought getting paid by our tax dollars while being in rehab was bad…(Going to rehab is admirable & I am glad he did it. However, not while he should be representing us in Columbia. He should have stepped down).

If you thought his objection to judicial reform was bad…

Then, I guess it comes as no surprise that he missed at a minimum of 200 votes TODAY because he decided not to show up for work again.

My opponent has a long history of apathy towards the worst possible crimes against humanity and the life of the unborn.

We are a destination state for infant genocide.

I guess his trip to the Virgin Islands was far more serious & important then the skull crushing, limb shredding, mame & torture of infants.

How cruel.

I am running to put God’s heart back in the seat, restore our Constitution, & give the government back to her people.

I guess the motto is…

“Vacation is more important then the barbaric killing of babies.”

Got it.

Join me in this fight to save babies, South Carolina, and America.





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