Private Investigator to look into “alleged” Dietrich beating – “E” District

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David Hucks
David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

Three weeks ago, MyrtleBeachSC news published a year long journalistic investigation into an incident involving Surfside Beach Town Councilman Bruce Dietrich.

As we reported, on December 8 (into Dec. 9), 2018 Bruce Dietrich was left in the below condition. Surfside Beach Police reported the incident as a fall. Their report can be found in our article here:

Bruce Dietrich
“According to recorded statements by Dietrich” – 6 broken ribs, left side shattered collar bone, left eye closed, nose moved, internal bleeding into the brain, died twice in surgery

At Tuesday’s Surfside Beach Town Council meeting, Councilman Bruce Dietrich publicly defended Surfside Beach Police Chief Kenneth Hoffman.

Councilman Dietrich Defends Chief Hoffman

Dietrich stated he gave the police department little to work with. He then called out our news team, asking us to call him next time.

In fact, we did call him. He made statements to us that were recorded and documented. Those statements were published in our article of three weeks ago.

After the meeting, Councilman Dietrich told me he was upset because, during our investigation, we reached out to his landlord, Tyler Servant. Servant, and his father, Mil Servant manage Surfside Realty.

Dietrich rents his residence from this realty group.

Mil Servant, Surfside Realty

We reached out to both Councilman Dietrich and Police Chief Hoffman this a.m. with the following email.

Myrtle Beach SC News <[email protected]>
to kenneth, bdietrich,


You did ask me to stop by today.  However,  I do believe it is best that I document this in writing.

While you state you have no memory of what happened Dec. 2018,  I am quite certain there are those who do.  Below is the building where you supposedly had a “Fall” as per police reports.

In this article,  we provided the picture of how you looked after this “supposed” fall:

After your conduct last night,  you pointed out to me in the Town Hall parking lot,  that you were upset because our news team reached out to your landlord,  Tyler Servant.   

As I stated,  as a journalist,  I reached out to everyone.  

Because of the Tina element in yours and Steve Shore’s statements,  were I able,  I would have combed through your bank account records with a fine tooth comb looking for that missing $10,000.  Perhaps there are others who will.

As for me,  the Tina angle simply does not add up.
The police would have the public believe you fell from the steps of this house and did the damages above.   That angle does not wash either.


I have great news for both of you, however.  We will be pooling funds and hiring among the best Private Detective in the State to investigate what happened December 2018.

I am publishing our article of today,  and afterwards,  I will be personally contacting SLED to inquire if they would prefer approving the private detective we would like to hire or recommending someone who could work with them.

BRUCE – LET’S BE CLEAR.  I believe someone beat you.  You say someone beat you.  Your son is posting all over the internet in Surfside Beach that he believes someone beat you.

Please note,  whether it takes 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years,  MyrtleBeachSC news will stay on this one.   You are a public figure.

We will endeavor for however long it takes to determine who beat you and what their exact motive was.  It is clear you were not robbed.  The timing of this beating in close proximity to the “E” District drama is highly coincidental. 

“We are resident focused news!”   We work for residents!  Residents deserve to know what happened here. 

Good day to both you and Chief Hoffman. 

David Hucks

MyrtleBeachSC News


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