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Psychosis: Power of the Myrtle Beach and Horry County Councils

After years of study social scientists and researchers have finally been able to put a finger on exactly what many in today’s leadership in government have become in relationship to the common citizens. The term has been bandied about as the new catch phrase concerning personal relationships, but after some thoughtful research its’ been found it has not only reached into many corners of our personal environment but it has eroded into employment and even government relationships. It’s not surprising, because Narcissism has few boundaries.

A simple definition of a Narcissist is:
Personality qualities include thinking very highly of oneself, needing admiration, believing others are inferior, and lacking empathy for others.

Delving deeper, Narcissist tend to believe that in their personal relationships they are the ONLY venue for good, and that the people who depend (co-depend) on them are in fact unable to feign for themselves. Because these people “need” them, they should logically follow the Narcissist in whatever has been deemed to benefit their “relationship”, when in truth it is simply to feed the Narcissist ego and to gain the ultimate ego trip, power over people.

A Narcissistic Government transgresses the basic intention at the very surface level of our republic, that it indeed is necessary to champion “the lesser of these”. Our actions are to be for ALL, not only “some”. But the Narcissistic Government believes we should have no real voice, they know what is for our greater good because many of them believe we voted for them to solve ALL of our problems. Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune and several in that mindset have stated that just voting on them gave them a “referendum” to do what they believe is the best, whether it is or not. Mark Lazarus is another example who, in what should be basically a “lame duck” session as head chair of Horry County Council, is pushing through his agenda left and right before he leaves his seat to new electee Johnny Gardner in January. You’d almost think that Lazarus has a long list of “promises” to fulfill over the next four months. Evidently what the new voters think means nothing when you are a long term Narcissist. The Narcissistic Government is nothing if it has no power to complete it’s agenda, at all costs.

Typically the Narcissistic Government personality creates a circle of trust with their love interest (“the Citizen”), in time causing the Citizen to believe they make poor decisions and can not take care of themselves or make their own decisions. In essence the Narcissist eventually leads the average Citizen to believe themselves incompetent and that the government must indeed have their best interest in mind where their tax monies are spent, what infrastructure is built and even who is hired within their governing walls and even which contractors are the “best” for their projects. On the other hand you we can find many under their spell that who believe they do no wrong and will profess rather loudly that they support the government to the moon and back. We can call them the “Stepford Citizens”. The “yes” people who unsurprisingly tend to be those who benefit the most from actions of the Narcissistic Government through new policy, actions or deals, and keep the power.

At first the Narcissist is cool natured, charming or demure in their countenance, luring the Citizen into believing how “good” they are for the them. Remember the wide eyed Brenda Bethune up to and just after the Mayoral election? But afterward the personal differences slowly begin to show. The Narcissist countenance changes. They become angry when the Citizen steps outside of their stone set plans they have made for them. As well, tantrums ensue with the Narcissist calling their Citizens all sorts of names, such as “deplorables” or “chicken littles” or even “thugs”, or “uninformed”, then feigning hurt and pain because their Citizens did not “understand” them. For decades the citizens have stepped back into line as they did not wish to cause the Narcissist Government to explode into the mass of rage which eventually ensues. Vengeance is reigned over the culprit in many forms. Lately it has been through direct social media, painting the Citizen as an uneducated, uninformed lying dolt, merry men, liers, etc. Mayor Bethune and John Pedersen have used this ploy several times the past few months, accosting citizens who have felt free to speak in social media forums and interjecting their personal opinion as fact. On the other hand they supplicate, coerce and give kudos and admiration to those still in their grasp and eating from their hand, their “Stepford Citizens” who attack the views of the common people.

Over time the Narcissistic Government believes it is best to stop including the people in their plans, because the people do not understand the good. The people need to be led and the people trust them. How do they know they trust them? Because they voted for them. So they cut out any form or government protest, cut out or directly censure the voice of the Citizens in public meetings, change meeting times to make it inconvenient for the Citizen or even move to closed meetings. Why should they have to listen to the people, after all their win gave them a referendum, right? No, it just gave them more power.

Thus today, we sit with a Narcissistic Government, from the very top of our State level to the very bottom of our embroiled City and County Council. Narcissist who, when the people do speak, ignore the people’s common sense and basic knowledge. A government which refuses to correctly serve their republic to the very best, in service to ALL people, whether the people voted for them or not. Why should they when they can rule and do what they “feel” is best? And who’s going to make them?

What defense does the common Citizen have to protect themselves from a Narcissistic Government and keep them accountable now and diminish their future?

1. ACCOUNTABILITY: Realize first and foremost, the government works for US, the Citizens, WE the people. We pay their salary from the Federal to the City Council. We are in control. Every government building, automobile, office, public lands, oceans, sewer systems, bridges, roads, etc., paid for by taxation, belong to THE PEOPLE. We have a right to transparency and openness. Do not let them hide behind unconstitutional laws and statutes they create and only they enforce. Hold them accountable.

2. VOTE: Realize that we can control them more through our VOTE. They would not be there if they were not voted into their office. Read, familiarize yourself, attend meetings and VOTE.

3. POWER: Remember that those you voted on are responsible for hiring and firing those beneath them and as well are generally responsible for hiring and firing those above them. Most positions within the City, County and State are either appointed or hired. These people and positions should be as unbiased and transparent as those who appointed or hired them. Why? Because they are being paid for with YOUR tax dollars. Be cautious who you give your POWER to.

4. BE VOCAL: Do not let these Narcissists discredit you and call you names and question your integrity or your character. Unless you’ve committed a crime, you need never be on the defense from the people who work for YOU. Nor do you have to defend yourself while defending your Constitutional rights or State rights Even if you had committed a crime, it is the government’s job to assure you receive due process, not to judge you on social media or in any media. Social media is not ethically the place for the government to defend itself or to to accuse the people, but it is a place where the people can give their voice and accuse the government or address their issues concerning the government. A fair and impartial government realizes the power of the people and uses it to their benefit by hosting town halls, meetings, etc. A fair leadership WANTS to hear from the people.

5. BECOME ACTIVE: No matter what you can do, do it. Attend meetings, sign up to speak (if rules allow). Write your local Narcissist, their ego will be boosted for a minute before your email or FB message is deleted or they personally attack your character and integrity because you chastise them for how they work for YOU, but I guarantee they’ll remember you. No matter how many voting signs which you put out on election day are intentionally taken down with the narcissists knowledge, stay active. No matter if you sign up as a poll sitter and only have 15 voters in a 12 hour period, stay active. No matter if your FB pages gets reported or your friends stop talking to you because they do not like what you’ve been posting, stay active. A lot more people suffered a lot more grief for saying and doing a lot less to allow you you to do just what you do to voice your opinion and stay active.

These are just a few points to help more understand the psychosis that has over run our government from our City Council, to our County Council, to the State capital and onward. WE have the power to beat this Narcissist Government just as anyone who has ever walked out of a Narcissistic emotionally abusive relationship knows. Sure, they can make it hurt for a while, but when you are free, you are ‘free indeed”.

Listen, Read, Share, Vote.

Lisa Bean Williams



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