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Reese Boyd

Reese Boyd Will Bring Needed Change To Myrtle Beach

Reese BoydTomorrow,  June 28th, SC Senate District 34 will have a run off election.

District S.C. 34 starts north at the end of the Myrtle Beach State Park and runs through Georgetown, S.C. all the way to Mcclellanville, S.C.

Reese Boyd is running against Stephen L. Goldfinch, Jr. who currently holds office as a representative from Georgetown, S.C.

What does a seat not held in Myrtle Beach proper have to do with positive change for Myrtle Beach?…  everything!

The seat was formerly held by Ray Cleary.   Cleary was often considered the go to guy for the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.  He endorses Goldfinch.

Myrtle Beach politicians have been plagued with ongoing corruption issues in the county, the city,  and now the State.  The principal source of all of that corruption has been centered around greed.   Elected leaders continually choose to work for a small percent of connected business owners above and beyond the people of our area.

Myrtle Beach voters have become increasingly hopeless as this pattern has continued for over a decade.  During primary elections,  held this past June 14th, only 10.26% of voters showed up to vote.   Most now believe change is impossible.  Many have given up hope of ending this corruption.

When voter turnout is low,   key members of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber can pack the polls with only their special interest voters.

If voters in Surfside, Georgetown, Socastee, and along Hwy 544  do turn out tomorrow,  and vote for Boyd,  positive change will begin to happen in our area.

Perhaps some flicker of hope will get voters to the polls tomorrow.

We will see.

Reese Boyd



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