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Resident Asks City Council To Fully Weigh Chamber’s Offer



Make Myrtle Beach Clean Safe


By Rich Malzone – Make Myrtle Beaches Free, Clean, And Safe

Rich Malzone

Rich Malzone – Local Resident

Dear Mayor Rhodes and all Myrtle Beach City Council members

CC: Mark Lazarus, Brad Dean, Various Press Outlets

Re: Special council meeting of June 20, 2017

I would like to commend you on having the fortitude to conduct one of the most open political meetings I have ever witnessed.

The community has spoken and is not happy with the path the city has been going down while dragging the region with it. It is clear the city cannot and should not be run as an enclave unto its self. It is the lynch pin of a thriving region. As councilwoman Jeffcoat pointed out one of the fastest growing SMSA’s in the country.

We all have a vested stake in the region and want the best for it.

I urge you to follow up on Mr. Dean’s offer to help in any way possible. I urge you to use at least 70% of the tourist tax money, approved on June 13, 2017, towards public safety. This will be a long term project. Those millions will have a more positive long term effect on the region than advertising for more tourists at this time. I can only imagine the safety protocols the professionals can put in place with an extra $20M-$25M dollars.

Chief Prock has had a real baptism under fire and has done an outstanding job. I am not sure anyone besides her could have handled such a challenging first month on the job. Give her more resources to get Mickey James message into practice. “You break the law in Myrtle Beach. You’re going to jail.” That will help take our city back from crime. Let it be known Myrtle Beach does and will continue to enforce its laws and keep the region’s residents and its visitors safe. Come here to enjoy yourself, while abiding by our laws.

Let’s bring back the family feel to the beach. Memorial Day is a solemn day of remembrance and gratitude for warriors who gave all, so we can have this discussion today.  Let’s put family activities and parades on the boulevard for that day. If Atlantic Beach wants to have a bike fest, it can pick another weekend or work around Myrtle Beach’s Memorial Day family events.

Councilwoman Jeffcoat is correct when saying Myrtle Beach SMSA is one of the fastest growing in the country. Yes this region is growing astronomically, maybe faster than some want, but that is progress. It must be noted that Myrtle Beach City is at most 10% of the SMSA. The growth of the SMSA is driven by the people of Georgetown, Horry and Brunswick counties.  The same people and families you currently do not want on the Golden Mile beaches.

We are all equals in this SMSA; so let’s make sure we are all treated equally and work equally together for the region, with no walls. The world saw our worst moment. Now let’s show them our best moments. Let’s work as equal partners in reclaiming our city and region.  The 5000+ people in our group (Make Myrtle Beaches Free, Clean and Safe) stand ready to help accomplish the goals set out in our name.

Rich Malzone

Make Myrtle Beaches Free, Clean and Safe



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