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Myrtle Beach Golden Mile

Residents Say Myrtle Beach Is “Bad Neighbor”

Locals say Golden Mile Parking Restrictions Make Myrtle Beach Bad Neighbor

Myrtle Beach City Council and Mayor Rhodes’ decisions on Golden Mile parking restrictions have upset local residents. City Government is working to completely eliminate all but city resident parking in an area known locally as the Golden Mile.

It’s really not about parking,” said local resident Rich Malzone. “It’s about keeping the Golden Mile as a private beach for the 3,900 voters there that control Myrtle Beach.  It’s Myrtle Beach continuing to be a bad neighbor.” Malzone added.

A local group called Make Myrtle Beaches Free, Clean and Safe say they are looking at targeted measures to organize the entire county to encourage free parking in Myrtle Beach’s Golden Mile.

Myrtle Beach Golden Mile

Myrtle Beach City Government states that its intentions are to turn the public beach area, known as the Golden Mile,  into a private residential location.

The bottom line is that the majority of the parking in the Golden Mile section has been eliminated,” said local resident Forrester Morgan.

Leslie Watson Morgan stated the $100 decal would only allow local county residents to park either south of 21st Avenue North or north of 69th avenue.  “If you want to stay in the quiet areas of Myrtle Beach,  which is what most county residents want to do, you only have spots from 69th to 80th and that’s not worth spending $100 for,” Mrs. Morgan said. 

SC Watchdog

The group is looking at a host of different options for holding local city government accountable to the greater community on matters concerning Golden Mile parking restrictions.





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