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Ken Richardson

Richardson Wins In A Landslide

Republican candidate for Horry County School Board Chairman, Ken Richardson, won yesterday’s primary in a landslide.


  •  Ken Richardson 3,386      71% of the vote
  •  Janice Morreale 953                20% of the vote
  •  Patricia Milley 414                      9% of the vote

The special election was required with the death of former school board chairman, Joe Defeo.  As can be common in special elections, turnout was extremely light.  Horry County has 323,000 total residents.  Only 4,753 residents voted.


Richardson faces Democrat Heather Johnson in November.  Horry County residents tend to vote Republican and Richardson is expected to win the November contest.  Few Democrats have won a general election in county-wide races over the past 30 years.

Rick Maxey
HCS Superintendent
Rick Maxey, Ph. D.

The win is a wake-up call for local bureaucrats.  Horry County Schools Superintendent Rick Maxey has largely had his way in deciding how the system works.  Like so many non-elected bureaucrats,  Maxey views himself as the “expert” in all matters public education.  He holds a non-elected position, however.

Maxey also serves on the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Board of Directors.

Direct appointments like these have created an entitlement class of both elected and non-elected professionals.   However, it is the non-elected class of career political bureaucrats taking the lead role in most all things Horry County government over the past few decades.

The election last night of Ken Richardson, coupled with the June election of Horry County Chairman-elect Johnny Gardner, officially puts administrative bureaucrats Rick Maxey, and Horry County Administrator Chris Eldridge on notice.

Horry County is entering a new era. One where bureaucrats will work for elected officials and not the other way around.

MBREDC Board of Directors – Direct Appointment

Mark Lazarus – Chairman, Horry County Council
Gary Loftus – Councilman, Horry County Council
Chris Eldridge – County Administrator, Horry County
Dave DeCenzo – President, Coastal Carolina University
Rick Maxey – Superintendent, Horry County Schools
Barbara Blain-Bellamy – Mayor, City of Conway
Billy Alford – Board Member, Northeastern Strategic Alliance
Brad Dean – President & CEO, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
Tony Cox – Commissioner, South Carolina Department of Transportation
Alan Clemmons – South Carolina Representative, Local Legislative Delegation
Mike Cool – Manager of Economic Development, Santee Cooper
Pat Howle – President & CEO, Horry Electric Cooperative
Verlon Wulf – Chairman, Existing Industry & Business Committee/Owner, Carolina Cool
Phil Render – Councilman, City of Myrtle Beach

Maxey in the club
Maxey included in elite group, MBREDC BOARD




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