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Scott Lemons Myrtle Beach

Scott Lemons Lends To Those In Need


Once again Scott Lemons has been singled out for his outstanding accomplishments with Lawsuit Lending.

Scott Lemons has worked for Lawsuit Lending for several strong years.  “The idea behind the concept of Lawsuit Lending is to help those who have been wronged.  Those victims often do not have the funds to set things right.” says Scott Lemons.

Our team comes in and helps when the finances simply are not there,  but the facts clearly show that harm was done.” Lemons added

Lawsuit Lending is highly acclaimed by experts and clients alike.

The firm has a Myrtle Beach office and several key employees.  “Ensuring that those injured and wronged have remedies is a large reason I chose this profession,” Scott Lemons said.

MyrtleBeachSC.com has been following the work of Scott Lemons since the creation of Lawsuit Lending.  The novel concept works in the community to provide positive support just when victims need it most.

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Lawsuit Lending’s website states:  Lawsuit lending is offered to plaintiffs and attorneys and can be obtained as in little as a day to several weeks depending upon the lender and the case type. Lawsuit lending also called litigation lending is a practice that lenders offer for different types of civil lawsuits. The three most important factors when lending money to a plaintiff are negligence, liability and expected compensation. These three factors alone will determine if a person is approved or denied by a lawsuit lending company.

Scott Lemons states that the firm looks at each case objectively.   Clients are never accepted nor refused for subjective reasons.  The merits of the case alone are the key criteria.

Scott has decided to make the Myrtle Beach area his permanent home.  He told MyrtleBeachSC.com that he does plan to marry later this Fall.   He and his fiance believe the Myrtle Beach area offer an ideal beach setting for both the business and raising a family.





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