September – Month of Change

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David Hucks
David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

As we publish this post today,  we welcome in a month that is anticipated as being one of the most dynamic months of change in perhaps centuries.  Change will be evident both globally and dynamic change will begin to happen in Myrtle Beach as well.

Few in Myrtle Beach realize the large number of Jewish citizens in our city.  Jews are the second largest race of citizens who live in Myrtle Beach proper.   Even fewer are aware that Myrtle Beach has a sister city in Tiberias, Israel.  This relationship is a supernatural covenant order that even local politicians can not grasp nor understand the weight of.    How will events in Jerusalem affect changes in Myrtle Beach?

Here is a key date list of what is expected:

A rare lunar Blood Moon will occur on September 28th, when the moon is in its closest orbit to earth, making it appear 14% larger than ever. This is the fourth blood moon in a series of blood moons that have occurred on Jewish Festival Holy days.


September 13th marks the end of the year of Shimitah and the ushering in of the Jewish Year of Jubilee.  This date will bring about a dynamic re-balancing in the power shift that has occurred between corporations and the average worker over the past half century.  This shift will also bring about an unsettling of the current relationship between elected officials and their decades old tendency to prefer representing corporations above people.3333


September 4th,  end of filing for Myrtle Beach City Council Offices.  Expect new alignments and new entrants this cycle.

September 11th:  14 year anniversary of 9/11

September 13th,  Solar Eclipse on the eve of the JEWISH USHERING IN OF THE YEAR OF JUBILEE.  What is the year of Jublilee?  click here.

September 14th – 15th:  The Jewish New Year  (The Year of Jubilee)

September 16th,  Thad Viers, a local Myrtle Beach politician will be sentenced for his part in a money laundering scheme.  His sentencing has been continually delayed to date by the FBI as they probed him for all he knew about a Federal investigation involving a pay to play scheme in Myrtle Beach over 6 years ago.  Sentencing indicates that the FBI now have all they need from Viers in relation to that probe.   Expect a shift in events as it relates to that long held and quietly kept Federal probe.

September 23rd:  Jewish Day of Atonement.   Pope Visits America

September 28th:  Jewish Feast of Tabernacles  (The Heavens as God’s Billboard)

Many have called this superstitious nonsense.  Time will soon reveal how much nonsense it is to trust in our one true God above all else.  As there were signs in the sky at the birth of our Lord,  Jesus Christ,  the heavens are now proclaiming a dynamic time of change this month of September 2015.

For some time,  we have predicted a coming change for the city of Myrtle Beach.  In the month of September look for old alliances to be broken and  new ones to begin “suddenly”.  Expect these Myrtle Beach changes especially in the areas of:

Hotel/Property Management Power Alliances

Local Politicians and Corporate Marriages dissolving and losing their grip over the local citizenship

Media Re-alignments

Federal Investigations coming to an end with indictments over the next 24 months

“Outsider” politicians getting elected both locally and nationally.

As it goes for Israel,  so it will go for Myrtle Beach.  This is the fullness of the month and the time we have spoken to each of you about privately.


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