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After Shooting – Hotel Owners Square Off In Court

Jack Rabon



VIDEO ABOVE:  City Fire Marshall Kicks And Breaks Oasis Hotel Railing Then Leaves Hastily

Two motel owners who were a part of a highly publicized shooting in the Myrtle Beach Superblock on November 17, 2015, faced off in court this week.

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The lawyers of Shai David,  former owner of the Oasis Motel and Jack Rabon, who inherited the Sea Palms Motel from his mother,  each had an opportunity to explain what happened to Judge Steven H. John .

According to testimony and evidence which included a body camera recording, Rabon drove to David’s place of business around 4:45 p.m. on November 17th.  Evidence states that Mr. Rabon arrived in a red truck blocking the back end corner of Shai David’s van.  Mr. David was on the phone with his wife and looking into his van when Mr. Rabon approached.

Audio in court could be heard where the attacker, Rabon, stated that Mr. David owed him money.  Mr. David can clearly be heard saying, “No, I do not.”   Audio can then be heard of Rabon brutally beating David as David pleaded and cried shouting “call the police” while blowing his van horn for help.   The attack lasted 1 minute and 34 seconds.  While eight city managed pole cameras were located overhead,  only a few seconds of the entire episode were caught by city police cameras.  The audio and video caught was produced by a body camera Mr. David had turned on.


Rabon’s Sister Tells MB City Council Of Rabon’s And Police Dept.’s Checkered Pasts

Says Myrtle Beach Police Department has failed.  Says City Council Is Responsible

Mr. Rabon had arrived on the scene with a Glock pistol in his truck.  Officers also found brass knuckles, knives, ammo, and a baseball bat in Mr. Rabon’s truck.http://www.mb01.com/lnk.asp?o=10285&c=918271&a=240538&l=10148

Mr. Rabon stated in court that only after a bystander approached the scene saying he had called the police, did Rabon run to his truck.  Aware that Rabon kept guns in his truck, Mr. David pulled his pistol from his van and cocked it.   David’s attorney stated Mr. Rabon backed up his vehicle and pointed his pistol at Mr.David.  Mr. David then shot 5 rounds from his licensed semi-automatic weapon as Mr. Rabon accelerated swinging his vehicle wide and into a parked video van.  As Mr. Rabon moved forward,  Mr. David then advanced three car spaces from his van and body camera.  Audio can be faintly heard of Mr. David asking Mr. Rabon to “show me your hands” and “get on the ground” before Mr. David fired a sixth shot hitting Mr. Rabon.

Jack Rabon



The two men involved have entirely different histories with the city of Myrtle Beach.

A freedom of information request by the Mitchell family produced a 20-year detailed checkered history of Mr. Rabon. Mr. Rabon’s behavior has largely been erratic including several assault charges. Jack Rabon’s own sister claims that Rabon could not get arrested on his worst day.  Rabon confessed in court that he was a regular user of pain medications.  Family members have stated publicly that Rabon has been addicted to painkillers now for over 19 years.   Despite this, and a city council plea raised by Rabon’s sister just weeks prior to this attack,  Mr. Rabon’s ongoing run-ins with law enforcement have either been dismissed or mysteriously lost in city records.

We searched Mr. David’s background through a private detective agency.  No criminal records of any kind could be found in the history of Mr. David.  Mr. David invested heavily in the area now being redeveloped by the city.   Despite his investments improving the downtown area,  and his advocacy for a better downtown community, Mr. David has been targeted by the Myrtle Beach city government.   Just this past January,  his tenant’s operations (Natalias Bar And Grill) were closed by the Myrtle Beach city government.  Afterward,  city government offered Mr. David a purchase price for that and other Superblock properties.    Mr. David felt unwelcome and later sold these properties.  He has previously expressed he sold his motel under duress after ongoing needless inspections and guest harassment by city services and the Myrtle Beach Fire Marshall. Video provided by the Oasis cameras show Fire Marshall Bruce Arnel deliberately kicking and breaking a railing at the Oasis.  Pictures were then taken by construction services manager, Bruce Boulineau and a notice was later given to Mr. David that the hotel would be closed if the railing was not fixed.

The court drama is at the center of a larger issue that concerns questions around the city of Myrtle Beach harassing downtown merchants in an attempt to shut those businesses down and purchase those properties. The below email was recently leaked to the press concerning the city’s desire to purchase Superblock properties.

The owner of Natalias, Levelz, and several other Superblock merchants are currently suing the city stating they were targeted and wrongfully closed so the city could purchase these.

While Horry County Prosecutor Martin Spratlin made a reference to Shai David stating “show me your hands, get on the ground” in his examination,  both lead detective Allen Amick and Judge John Steven stated the audio was unclear.    Mr. David was more than 27 feet away from his vehicle when those statements were made before the final shot.   MyrtleBeachSC.com researched what it would cost city police to purchase audio editing software to enhance the volume of that audio and found the costs run approximately $357.    We are reaching out to city manager John Pedersen to determine why such audio editing software has not been purchased and used as this is a high profile case in an area city has admitted it wants to own.

In August, Mr. David was mailed the following picture from an anonymous source.

Mailer Mailed To David

The person who mailed this picture stated they found it while it was being circulated in the Myrtle Beach police department.  MyrtleBeachSC.com is in possession of an email where Mr. David inquires of City Manager John Pederson about this picture and asks him to look into it.   Mr. David states he has never received a response from City Manger Pedersen.

The matter is now headed to court where David’s Lawyer,  Fran Humphreys states:   “We understand now the parameters of the state’s case. We have a statement from the alleged victim which was not previously available because he never talked to law enforcement. So, in that respect, there is some benefit there to us, and we’re prepared now, better prepared for the trial of this case,”

When MyrtleBeachsc.com reached to an emotional Mr. David  about this week’s decision, he simply said: “As the judge denied the “stand your ground” motion, despite the clear statute, I felt like I was back in the vicious attack all over again fighting for my life.   I feel as though I am now being attacked by a vicious system, not merely a vicious person.”