Summer Visitors Expected Down By 800,000

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Tourism Industry forecasters are now predicting Summer vacationers to Myrtle Beach may be down by as many as 800,000 visitors.   This will mark the first large drop by this many visitors to Myrtle Beach since the 1970s.   Jimmy Carter was in office the last time Myrtle Beach saw this kind of decline.

Why the drop?   Forecasters have not said exactly,  but one local cultural architect,  Scott Lemons believes last year’s city wide tent ban has had a large impact on visitors not coming in 2015.

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“We are hearing it all across social media,” said Scott Lemons.  “Larger families and older visitors are very upset about the tent ban.  They are simply avoiding Myrtle Beach for 2015.  Merchants and hotel owners will see a much slower season and less revenues this year.”

One key question being asked is what to do about such a precipitous drop.   As of now board members we spoke with of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce are yet unwilling to admit the drop is occurring.  We have not spoken with Brad Dean about the numbers.  City officials always tend to follow the lead of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

We will see how the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber response comes in this September when the picture is fully available for all to see.

What is your opinion,  Why is business so off in Myrtle Beach this year?

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