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Sun News Reporter(s) Called “Pieces Of Crap” By Local Policeman’s Wife

The Sun News’ Hannah Louise Strong stated on her personal Facebook page yesterday, “I actually got two waves of hell after another unrelated story went viral and other news outlets portrayed my original story idea incorrectly.  That hell came from local officials, and even the wife of a public official who called us Sun News reporters pieces of crap on Facebook.”  Hannah went on to say, “I was called the most disgusting names I’ve ever been called.  I had to turn my notifications off for the weekend because I’m drained from constantly being bullied, told I’m trash and a horrible journalist.

* Editor’s note:  MyrtleBeachSC.com was contacted by Hannah today.  She informed us that the wife of a local policeman made the remarks above.  The remarks have since been removed from that wife’s page.

Hannah Lousie Strong
Facebook Post Hannah Louise Strong

The Sun News is the paper of record for Horry County.  Hannah is certainly considered by MyrtleBeachSC news as among one of their most accurate reporters. Why the attacks?  Hannah states , “I was harassed and trolled and bullied on Twitter after publishing a story I wrote, which I did ethically and as I’d write any other story.  It was about a man and a woman charged with prostitution. The terrible comments came from dozens and dozens of people who believe I shouldn’t have used the woman’s name and mug in the story since she was allegedly assaulted.

Where did Hannah find this report and mug shot (picture)?  From a local police report, of which, local police found no issues in making the picture and statements public record. Those local police work for the same officials whose insider friends are now attacking Mrs. Strong.


Pedersen Bethune
City Manager John Pedersen, Mayor Brenda Bethune

The city of Myrtle Beach and a local team of city insider trolls have declared war on viral news.  The city has intensified those attacks since just before passing a controversial overlay ban on legal products sold at businesses from 6th Avenue South to 16th Avenue North.  We are told the city will likely be sued this week by merchants concerning that ban.  Legal experts we have spoken with state the ban is unlikely to hold up in court.


At the end of her post, Strong comments, “By the way, this is my I-won’t back-down face.

On this labor day,  MyrtleBeachSC news sends a shout out to the Sun News and Hannah Louise Strong.   Myrtle Beach needs a local press now more than ever. These local reporters are among the hardest working and most responsible people in our city.

If only our city leaders held themselves to the same high standards they continually hold the Sun News to.  For the record, the Sun News meets those high standards.  Meanwhile, city leaders tell us again and again, there is little they can do about city-wide crime, homelessness, or beach bacteria.

On this labor day, we encourage one great reporter.  Stay strong Ms. Strong.



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