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Bruce Dietrich
Bruce Dietrich can audibly be heard with slurred speech at meeting.

Surfside Beach drama pivots twice in one week

The drama in Surfside Beach continues.

Today, Surfside Beach residents met in front of Town Hall to show support and get updates on the Sabrina Morris Adair resignation.

Morris Adair served the town as Planning, Building & Zoning Director over the past decade. On March 2nd, she was offered a demoted position with the town. Adair chose to resign.

Surfside Beach resident, Mary Beth Mabry read her letter to town residents.

Sabrina’s letter to residents

Later today, Mabry posted Adair’s resignation letter.

Adair Resignation Letter

Who’s credible? Who’s crazy?

Councilwoman Debbie Scoles

Previous statements on the dais from Councilwoman Debbie Scoles and Councilman Bruce Dietrich leave many to believe a select group of Surfside Beach residents are unruly at best, unstable at worst. Past councilmen have also stated the remarks of those who attend council meetings do not reflect the sentiments of the larger town.

Today’s event, however, proceeded in an orderly and professional manner. MyrtleBeachSC News, as well as, MyHorry News were equally represented.


Key members of the community, MyrtleBeachSC news included, worked to set up a private investigator and legal help for key town residents.

While SLED has been called in to investigate, local Myrtle Beach Attorney Jonny McCoy expressed in a press conference last week that SLED looked the other way when MBPD (and associated D.E.U.) police officers lied on the witness stand. Not one police officer was dismissed, put on leave, nor reprimanded. All are still employed in the field.

Last week, when one local attorney reached out to Mrs. Morris Adair to offer legal support, the lawyer expressed that he was not overly familiar with the case and had no deep understanding of why he was calling. She responded, “I don’t know why you are calling either.” The attorney then wished her a good day.


Mrs. Morris Adair clearly has another legal path in mind. Such is her team’s prerogative. By rejecting this assistance, however, in one instance she shut down all investigations into the town and blunted all efforts to attempt to hold Town Council, the City Administrator, and the Surfside Beach police accountable.

While getting re-elected may be a monumental task for Dietrich and Scoles, this team of four now has almost two years to complete their agenda currently in place.

The twists and turns continue in Surfside Beach.

It is now clear to our news team that someone close to Mrs. Morris Adair does not want the town fully investigated by a private team.



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