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After Reversing Itself: Surfside Beach Council Fights Legal Fees

The Honorable Larry B. Hyman, Jr.  ruled in Conway court today that the City of Surfside Beach will need to appear in court to legally challenge outstanding legal fees the city incurred after passing an ordinance which, if not reversed, would have cost all Surfside Beach residents their flood insurance rating.

Residents and Surfside Planning and Zoning took the matter to court, filing an injunction. City Council then quickly reversed itself, changing the zoning back to its original status.

The city now contends, that, because it remedied the issue, it should not be required to pay the plaintiffs’ legal fees incurred.

This is a common practice for the cities of Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach. Bureaucrats in these towns actually calculate how much it will cost a resident to file a lawsuit, when such ordinances are passed – Ordinances that willfully support the entitled few, over the residents at large. These ordinances are most often corporately-collusionist.

Resident Hero, Player Law Firm

That’s what makes legal firms, like the Player Law firm, resident heroes. After reviewing the city’s heavy handed, collusion with a few insiders, Tucker Player actually took the residents’ case on contingency. The residents put no money upfront.

Surfside Beach Council believes it is critical, however, that Player not get paid. Paying Player would set precedent. Towns like Surfside Beach and Myrtle Beach each weigh the costs (in advance) of a resident or residents forking over $10,000 plus dollars to fight them should they pass illegal legislation.

Should the town be required by the courts to pay Player, it will set a precedent and a sure win for the average Joe.

A trial date for determining if Surfside Beach will be held accountable is just ahead.



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