Surfside Beach Town Council headed to run off

Surfside Beach election

The Town of Surfside Beach Town Council (vote for up to three) election results are in. Four candidates are heading for a runoff for three seats.

Michael Drake, Paul Holder, Cindy Keating and Kathryn Martin will face the voters once again.

The top three chosen in the runoff will be elected to Surfside Beach Town Council.

The final totals came in as follows:

Jenn Cribb – 378

Michael N. Drake – 444 (T – Runoff election)

Paul Holder – 488 (T – Runoff election)

Cindy Keating – 443 (T – Runoff election)

Laverne Kreklau – 330

Kathryn Martin – 433 (T – Runoff election)

Laurence McKeen – 395

Cody Sluder – 64