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Surfside Beach

Surfside Residents Rally To Support P&Z, Wronged Attorney

SUPPORT P&Z and help pay this wronged lawyer who did thousands of dollars of legal work on behalf of residents. Your $10 gift will be presented to Surfside Beach Mayor and City Council by proclamation.

The Honorable Benjamin H. Culbertson ruled today that the town of Surfside Beach will not be held accountable in paying the legal fees of Planning and Zoning’s hired attorney Tucker Player.

As we reported, Mayor Bob Childs and City Council, working on behalf of a group known locally as Surfside Strong, hastily put together an amendment to the town’s entertainment district. Those amendments violated Federal laws and would have cost every resident in the town their flood insurance ratings.

Surfside Beach Planning and Zoning then hired Player, who drew up legal papers and sued. The town quickly reversed itself. Because the town reversed itself, Mayor Childs and the town council stated the city did not owe the attorney for over $6,000 worth of work. While the P&Z budget allowed for such, council stated that paying the attorney would set the wrong precedent.

Residents say not paying the attorney also sets the wrong precedent. As such, a payment window has been created allowing each resident to contribute $10.


Other Contribution Options

$250 $25

A letter will be mailed to Surfside Beach Council and the Mayor listing each resident who contributed. A check will be written to Player to compensate him for the fine work he did on behalf of the residents.

Surfside Beach residents are asking for your support to help end insider tyranny of government working for the few in Surfside Beach.



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