S.C. Senator Luke Rankin

While Judge Holmes seeks higher judgeship, local attorney calls her out

In a confidential audio received by MyrtleBeachSC News, local Conway Attorney Julaan Derrick-Lawren calls out Family Court Judge Bromell Holmes. In the audio below, ...

Major networks cover Murdaugh trial highlighting S.C. Aristocratic corruption

Martha McCallum, of Fox News, is just one of many national T.V. networks that broke from regularly scheduled programming to a live feed of...

Horry County Supreme Court Judge casts deciding vote for Planned Parenthood

In a 3 -2 decision today, the S.C. Supreme Court sided with Planned Parenthood, killing the Fetal Heartbeat Bill legislation passed by the S.C....

Without Notification, Responsible Father’s Child Is Adopted Out By S.C. Family Court

South Carolina resident Milton Sojo reached out to MyrtleBeachSC News about the plight of his young son because of ongoing issues surrounding S.C. Family...

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