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Residents Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands With Petition

TDF? Residents Demand Referendum On $500 Million Tax Extension

Myrtle Beach residents have put up their own Change.Org petition demanding that the city of Myrtle Beach put a $500 million tourist tax extension up for voter referendum.

SIGN THE PETITION HERE (click these words for link)

Renee Rabon, who started the petition, says she hopes to get 5,000 signatures before the Tuesday city council meeting when a first reading is scheduled to take place.


Corporate News Laundering

Corporate Media TDF Ad Buys Pay Great Returns For MBACC and Local Corporate Media

Residents say local Myrtle Beach media, including WPDE, WMBFnews, and WBTW are complicit in this government sponsored tax.   While each of these news groups use their own Web Analytics to sell advertising, not one local news team has asked to see the last 8 years of web analytics from the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber Of Commerce to make those available to their viewers.

Sarah Miles WMBF
Sarah Miles Raycom

WMBFnews Station Manager, Sarah Miles, sits on the board of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

The city of Myrtle Beach decided to bypass residents and pass this tax without a referendum.

The vote will be held at 2 p.m. this Tuesday at the Ted C. Collins center on Oak Street in Myrtle Beach.





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