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Terry Fowler announced his candidacy for Horry County District 9 on Friday, January 31st.

District 9 includes the area that runs from the Loris/Tabor City line through Longs to Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach. This area is currently growing at 14% every year.

For the most part, District 9 is a donor district to the county, meaning the district pays more in taxes than it receives in services. Horry County, meanwhile, is a donor county to the state.


Said Fowler, “Most of the headlines over the past 40 years have been focused on the coast. I get that. Tourism has eye catching appeal. With all of the growth in the county now, however, I believe it is time we put more emphasis on District 9 residents. We have a large base of voters. Our folks are paying more than our fair share in taxes.”


Terry Fowler is a retired Horry County patrol officer. He spent 30 years on the force. His family history in District 9 runs back to the 1800’s.

Growth brings about a myriad of changes and needs,” says Terry Fowler. “As a former patrol officer, from just reading this week’s headlines, it is clear Horry County has to focus our attention to traffic concerns on Highway 9. Between tourism and local traffic, Highway 9 has become gridlock for much of the year. This impairs police, fire and medical transit’s ability to serve our community. It also makes simple tasks, like going to the grocery store, a concern for locals.”

When I am elected District 9 Horry County Councilman, Highway 9 will become a top priority,” said Fowler.

Highway 9 Wreck



Hurricane Florence Flooding Highway 9

Over-development and flooding are two of the top issues I will address when I am elected District 9 County Councilman,” said Fowler. “It’s time we put the needs of residents above the needs of developers along the coast. I will demand responsible development.”

As we grow, it is imperative that growth pays for the needs it brings along with it,” Fowler added. “We can not continue passing the costs of new growth onto existing residents in District 9.”



I admire the focus and attention Horry County Council Chairman Johnny Gardner is putting on residents county-wide. I one hundred percent support those efforts,” Fowler added.

During the last campaign cycle, I worked for the county under the guidance of Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus. He asked for my support and, after 30 years, I felt it only honorable to reciprocate,” said Fowler.

However, I have known Johnny Gardner for many years. His resident focused vision and his leadership are what we need right now in Horry County. He is a man I can work with to ensure the needs of the residents of District 9 are met,” said Fowler.

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