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Noble Endorsement
Phil Noble, The Democratic Choice For Governor

The Democratic Choice June 12th Is Phil Noble

Horry and Georgetown County Democrats have several options for Governor this June 12th, but after careful evaluation, MyrtleBeachSC believes there is really only one true choice for fixing the stronghold issues that have plagued our state for generations – and may be able to win.

That choice is Phil Noble.

Noble has committed himself to tackling the problem right at its source. He was the first and only candidate in this cycle who confronted the South Carolina Chambers of Commerce about the colluded monies flowing from those Chambers directly into S.C. politicians’ pockets. Noble says he will take on and tear down the foundation of the RINO-STATE that defines current South Carolina politics. He plans to do so by putting a focus on the “behind the scenes” operatives who run the RINO-STATE.

In his remarks to the Chamber, Phil Noble said, “Two years ago after the Emanuel Nine shooting, the Chamber led the effort to take down the Confederate flag from the statehouse. I’m asking the Chamber [Of Commerce] to show this same bold leadership today and close their PAC and encourage other business organizations to the do the same.

We believe Phil Noble will work for the residents of Horry County and not the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. Democrats who have grown tired of politics as usual and the bubble of insider dealings, should show up in force this June 12th.

Democrats looking to end the South Carolina RINO-STATE can turn to Phil Noble with confidence.

MyrtleBeachSC endorses Phil Noble as the peoples’ choice in the June 12th Democratic Primary.





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