Tips For Maintaining Your Home’s Exterior

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As time passes, you probably notice little things about your home that you want to change. Sooner or later, you realize that more time has gone by, and those small things could turn into major problems if you do not do something about them. As a bonus, when you update and upgrade your dwelling, the property value tends to increase. Here are some projects to consider undertaking for your home’s exterior.

Start at the Roof

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Stay Informed

One of the first places to look when you are considering making changes to your home is the roof. If it has been a while since you have been up there or had a professional inspection, it is time to schedule one.  

After your inspection, your roof inspector may recommend roof repairs or a complete roof replacement. Regardless of which route is best for you to take, always work with licensed professionals such as Storm Protection Roofing to ensure the work is performed on time, to code, and to your satisfaction.

The cost of roof repairs and a replacement may seem overwhelming at first, but when you factor in the potential for damage to your home due to a faulty or leaking roof, you will see that the benefits are very appealing for your bank account, your time, and your health.

Leaking roofs may go unnoticed for quite some time, resulting in black mold in the attic space, the ceiling, between the walls, and even in the floorboards. Once the mold has been identified, the affected areas should be removed and replaced. During this time, you may notice health problems due to moldy conditions. The probability of finding more damage once the walls are removed is very high and can be quite expensive. It would be prudent to repair or replace an old or damaged roof instead of waiting for something to happen.

Inspect the Attic

Your next step is to inspect your attic. If you are unsure of what to look for, hire a professional to assess the area. They will look for uninvited creatures, water damage, poor or deteriorated insulation, wiring stability, and ventilation.

Here is a video detailing why you should inspect your attic.

Examine the Exterior Materials

Whether you have chosen vinyl siding, brick or fieldstone, wood, or any other materials, ensure you inspect it annually. When it begins to look worn or becomes damaged, it is time to make some changes.  

Replacing the exterior of your home is an investment that will pay off when the time comes to sell it or by way of protecting your home from the elements while you live in it. Just like other home repair or renovation projects, this one will increase your property value as well. In addition, this is a chance to make major changes to the overall look of your home. You can reflect your personality with the color or material selection.

Whether you decide to make changes to your home for yourself or to attract buyers, do something that you will enjoy. Maintain your home for safety and cost savings, and enjoy the results!

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