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Tourists And Locals Plan Saturday Blast

Beach Blast


Tomorrow 11 a.m. Local Residents Beach Blast

Tomorrow at 11 a.m. Myrtle Beach residents, donut hole residents, county residents, and even tourists are saying they plan to attend the Make Myrtle Beaches Free Clean And Safe Beach Blast at 38th Avenue North Oceanfront.

Area tourists, like John Petty from Upstate New York told us,  “Today I happened to be in the city of Myrtle Beach and I noticed some changes in the parking and I’m really not too happy with it. I know when I am down in North Myrtle Beach,  I can go to those beaches and it doesn’t cost me anything.”   Mr. Petty told us that, as a tourist, he would probably spend most of his time in North Myrtle Beach now.

Rich Malzone, a leading organizer of  Make Myrtle Beaches Free Clean And Safe said,  “We have a strong force, an economic force and we support the city.  We are also aware that we have a large number of city residents who are in our group, who will be here tomorrow, and they are very unhappy with current [elected] city officials.

Last week’s polling of county residents reinforced Mr. Malzone’s statements.  The poll of 12oo residents showed North Myrtle Beach Mayor Hatley with a 54% approval rating,  while the overall approval of Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes came in at only 3%.  The popularity of the two towns among visiting tourists is much the same.  Myrtle Beach,  with its dated storefronts, has fallen out of favor with family tourists over the last decade.  Tourists on our pages tell us the overall crime in the city, coupled with what they believe is a corrupt local city government,  has tarnished the city’s brand.

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If you would like to let the group know you are going, you can sign up here or just show up.

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Most all local media have indicated they plan to be in attendance as well.