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Command Economy

Tuesday’s vote: A chance for Myrtle Beach to look in the mirror

On Tuesday, Myrtle Beach goes to the polls. Will residents continue to vote for a city controlled business climate?

While Mayor Bethune believes “Fake News” is among the city’s biggest problems, questions remain around the future of the city’s Command Economy that the mayor, city council, and City Manager John Pedersen endorse.

According to U.S. Economist Kimberly Amadeo, of The Balance.com, A command economy does not allow market forces like supply and demand to determine how a city, state, or national government operates.

In Myrtle Beach’s case, it’s command economy does allow very limited, small free markets (like many in Market Common) to operate. Myrtle Beach’s economy would better be called a Mixed, Command Economy.

The more global economic forces, however, for all things Myrtle Beach are controlled by the City of Myrtle Beach in concert with five business owners as pictured here:

Tax dollars flow from the many to the few.

Residents of Market Common and Grand Dunes are often insulated from the decisions of the city.

Downtown business owners are not. Listen to Myrtle Beach business owner, Tuvia Wilkes, as he expresses how the city’s practices affect his business here:

On Tuesday, voters can decide if they want another round of this kind of leadership.

Render Chestnut Jeffcoat
Will residents continue with Councilmen Phil Render, Mary Jeffcoat, and Mike Chestnut?
Ed Carey
Or will they choose a “Free Market” future as offered by Conservative Ed Carey?



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