What Is the Main Purpose of Seeds?

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Marijuana has many uses, from relieving psychological stress or headaches to experiencing sensations that are not available in the physical world. Therefore, its users have different requirements for the psychoactive substance obtained from the buds of this plant. And if the effect is different, they may not achieve their original goals. Therefore, those who approach cannabis growing carefully study different marijuana strains, their THC and CBD levels, and other details to understand which marijuana strain they should use. And those who are going to buy marijuana seeds even study the genetics of these seeds before buying.

Why Grow Marijuana from Seeds Personally?

Marijuana growers at home conditions come to this hobby for various reasons:

  • Someone wants to save money on valuable buds.
  • Others distrust retailers and want to get only the highest quality marijuana.
  • The rest are convinced that if they take care of the plant personally, they will get a greater effect from its buds 

But whatever their underlying motives, everyone comes up with the choice of seeds, in the cultivation of which they will be ready to invest their time and money.

What Are the Benefits of Breeding Marijuana Seeds?

Breeders are trying to get more productive types of marijuana or those that are resistant to adverse external influences. They are also actively working on those strains in which the content of THC and CBD is higher. Therefore, when buying seeds from breeders, you can be sure that your time and efforts in caring for marijuana bushes will not be wasted. In particular, the following varieties are especially popular on the market:

  • Feminized: They make the grower’s job easier by not demanding to remove the male plants.
  • Autoflowering: These seeds aren’t picky about light, and even if you can’t maintain a strict day/night schedule in the conditions they grow in, they’ll still produce a great crop.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Breeding Marijuana Seeds?

To get access to the best varieties of marijuana for growing, you need to find real enthusiasts of this business. They believe in its healing and psychic qualities and are ready to endlessly comprehend its features and obtain new exceptional varieties by crossing. One such group of enthusiasts has created the unique online Herbies store, which features seeds from over 120 breeders.

Benefits of Buying Seeds from Herbies

Together with Herbies, you will be able to experiment with seeds from the best producers. All offers are collected in separate collections for more convenient use:

  • Photoperiod seeds and autoflowering
  • Regular seeds
  • Feminized
  • Seeds high in THC and CBD
  • Cheap varieties of seeds
  • Old school seeds, and many more

To encourage customers’ love of experimenting and expanding their knowledge of different strains, a free seed is included with every order. Also, a bonus seed is offered for a certain amount spent in the store.

By buying seeds from Herbies, you will always be closer to the ideal, because only real fans of growing and breeding marijuana present here their best collections of seeds.

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