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Since the industrial revolution, the trend of modern design has been diverse: from design to functionalization, rationalization, and decoration. Design trends have had a big impact on various design trends in modern furniture. Modern design coexists with various design ideas and styles. And using linear motion actuators settles far not the last position in smart office furniture automation. However, to better know how to use a standing desk properly it is always important to remember what this technology can offer.

For instance, the office equipment provided by Progressive Automations (manufacturer of height-adjustable tables) is made with a strong focus on research, development, and design. The talented engineering experts, designers, managers, and physicians – all they are a strong development team with a philosophy of health, that allows them to provide customers with the most affordable ergonomic tables for working in standing and sitting positions. To purchase a standing corner desk from Progressive Automations means to invest in your health and productivity. With the increasing awareness about health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle, standing desks have become increasingly popular.

All of the standing desks’ components are manufactured using advanced technologies such as laser cutting, robotic welding, automatic bending machine, automatic punching machine, automatic dyeing machine. The lifting mechanisms called electric linear actuators are mechanical parts that are also manufactured by Progressive Automations. The workload capacity potential provided by these actuators allows moving the tabletop easily up and down with all the stuff placed on its surface. A person working with such automated tables can freely lean on their surface not risking to spoil the technology as the workload capacity allows placing on its surface the weight far heavier than the office table equipment usually used in everyday life. 

To control the performance of electric linear actuators built-in the table frame there is always a small remote control console attached to the front side of the tabletop. This little console also allows their customers to save the height settings. This is called the height pre-choice.

Office workers are well aware of how unhealthy sitting lifestyle is. When desired, the Progressive Desk’s motorized tables can turn into a table for standing work with a single button press. This has a beneficial effect not only on human health but also on productivity. Those people who suffer any kind of back, neck, and chest problems, after starting to use standing desk technology soon start to feel better. This is so due to the benefits of standing position.

At first glance to work while standing may be complicated, but already from the first days, the human body gets used to this flat-posture position. This results in the logical distribution of the pressure in the body and the blood pressure normalize as well. Taking into account that the regular sitting is even capable to increase the risk of cancer, stroke, and infarct the implementation of standing desk technology is capable to change the habitual office work routine to the grips. The company that makes a decision to implement the standing desk technology for its offices and what is more important for its employees makes the most lucrative investment into staff productivity and company efficiency. Smart entrepreneurs know that the company’s success belongs to the people who are working to make the company move through all the drawbacks and problems. 

Visiting the Progressive Desk website customers will find the broad variety of options relating to the design and functionality of the wanted motorized office working stations. With the help of the online constructor tool, customers can by themselves indicate what parts exactly they want to be joined together, which dimensions and colors should be used,  as well as additional systems that should be used along with the standing desk office tables. This broad space for variations allows each customer to obtain the product model exactly wanted for the interior of the office of any sizes and design. With such broad customization options, you just don’t have to lose your chance to find the perfect standing desk for your office space. Reach out to Progressive Desk now and find what you are looking for. 

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