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When All Car Owners Should Contact a Lawyer for Proper Guidance

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Marleny Hucks
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When it comes to owning a car, there are many reasons that you might need to contact a lawyer. These reasons vary from ones that you would assume to be obvious, to others that you might not even have thought about. Here are the times that you should contact a lawyer for proper guidance.

Victim In An Accident

One of the reasons you would reach out to a lawyer if you own a vehicle would be if you were involved in an accident. If another driver has hit you, you will want to press charges and take them to court in order to gain restitution that would pay for insurance, hospital bills, and any other losses you might have incurred due to any injuries that you had sustained. This is crucial because if the accident that you were involved in was not clear in regards to responsibility, the other party may refuse to settle and defend themselves in court. Additionally, if you were in an accident, having a lawyer will provide you with the best opportunity to maximize your settlement amounts.

Taken To Court 

Another reason that you would consider contacting a lawyer in regards to your vehicle would be if you were taken to court, in some cases being accused of carrying the responsibility of the accident. If this is the case, you would want a lawyer to defend you, helping by not only providing your advice and guidance but being able to build your case, lead or communicate potential settlement agreements that are favorable, as well as represent you in court. 

Motor Vehicle Disputes

You don’t have to be involved in an accident to require the guidance of a lawyer. Other reasons you might contact a lawyer can still involve several on-road or car-related concerns. You might have been involved in situations that resulted in penalties, from speeding to stunt driving. Consider the driver’s license point system in East Tennessee and what constitutes the suspension or loss of a license. If you are going to lose your license over an issue that you are confident in having turned around, it is worth considering a lawyer. It is always important to consider the level of severity of any disputes at hand.

DUI Charges

Another common situation that people find themselves in is when they have made the mistake to drive under the influence. Although you will likely not be able to escape the charges, a lawyer can help guide you to a speedy resolution and quick settlement, perhaps reducing certain penalties. These charges remain on your record for a long time, so being able to minimize the legal damage would be beneficial.

Damages, Theft, Or Fraud

You should consider contacting a lawyer if your car has been damaged in any way, even when you are not operating it. If you suspect someone has damaged your property, you have made a purchase under fraudulent claims, or your car has been stolen, these are all circumstances to reach out to a legal advisor. You can press charges against mechanics, other drivers, and companies that sell and operate in the auto industry, depending on the specific circumstance. A lawyer will help guide you through the process and be able to represent you if you need to build a case or in settlement negotiations. 

Small Claims Court And Traffic Tickets

There will be times as a driver that you might consider the need for a lawyer, but in fact, do not need their services. A couple of examples of times you don’t need to reach out for legal matters if a case or dispute is made regarding you and your vehicle if those issues and claims only reach small claims court. If the matters are small and don’t involve lawyers or insurance companies, but still reach a judge, you simply need to state your side of the case and have a judge decide the ruling on such matters. This may be the case when you are given a traffic or parking ticket. Additionally, if you are given a ticket, and need to pay a fine, it will often be more efficient to resolve such issues yourself unless you are confident you have a case. Although a lawyer can help reduce fines and demerit points, you must weigh the benefits with the cost and time of a lawyer with each case.

It is important that you understand when to contact a lawyer and when not to do so. The obvious time would be when the potential financial and long-term benefits are much greater than they would be than providing your own representation. Every situation is different, but if you feel the need to seek legal advice, it doesn’t hurt to reach out.



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