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Where You Could Be Losing Value In Your Home

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David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

Homes are supposed to appreciate not depreciate right? Real estate and especially real estate always rises in price, or at least it should. So if you were to be given a lower estimate of your home when it comes time to sell, would that just be market forces acting on you or would it be your home’s fault? The latter is usually the case, and if it is then that means that it’s your fault in reality. You should be making sure your home is not losing value, and it’s usually due to silly little things that spiral out of control and transform into larger problems. These are things you will notice when we touch upon them and we’ll also give you fixes for them. Let’s get started.

The crawl space

Perhaps one of the most common culprits of losing value and money from your home is the crawl space. This is something that many modern homes will have and many older homes too. It’s when the space between the ground and the first floor has not been finished. Although it’s not a safety hazard, it is still something that will be of concern for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it’s efficient. The gap between the ground and the home is large and it can act as a heat suction magnet. The heat in your home that keeps you warm is drained over time and the warmth escapes from underneath your floorboards and or carpet. Using a service like  you can get your crawl space insulated using modern spray foam. This is a special foam that acts like a porous liquid when applied but then solidifies within a day or so. The spray foam can be layered, allowing for the technician applying it to create a complex weave of insulation, which rebounds and slows down heat particles from escaping.

The dingy loft

Many homes have enough loft space for another room. Many do not and so they are used as purely storage spaces. This dark dingy space is one of those areas that lose value from your home because it remains underdeveloped. As we said, you could convert the loft into another room, but do you need to to save or add value to your home?

No, you can just fill the loft with insulation. We’d recommend that you go with spray insulation again because it can be layered and it only takes a day or so to apply. However, you can convert your loft into a plant zone where you grow different plants. Using a skylight window, the sun can directly hit the plants, allowing them to release fresh oxygen and cool the home down during the summer period.

You can also create the loft into a pet space where your pets can go to sleep, play or to the bathroom. Or you can convert the loft into a library where you have bookcases filled with all your novels and non-fiction, along with a seating area and table for you to sit and read in peace.

The roof is a goldmine

Somewhere along the line, solar panels evolved and nobody took notice. Nowadays, solar panels are far more efficient than they were a couple decades ago. The design and materials, as well as designs have massively improved. Nowadays you can also get white solar panels which can make your roof look better than the usual dark solar panels.

However, you could be making 2,850 kWh per year. This translates into saving $3751 dollars per year on energy bills. This could power your home for about 1 month per year or fill up your electric car for about 2-3 weeks. This just seems obviously too good to miss out on. So start treating your roof like a goldmine and fit modern solar panel tiles. These are actually tiles and not just panels. They look and fit just like normal clay tiles, but the downside is, they do not rotate and thus, it really depends on where your home is regarding efficient sunshine capture.

You dying patio

Even if you live in a part of the world where it is cold and windy, you will find that your patio can come into good use. But when you leave our patio to its own means, it can look like it’s dying. It turns grey, with dirt, debris, loose soil and bird droppings all over the surface. If you keep your patio modern and clean, it retains value over time and helps your home to have more usable or functional space.

The patio should therefore be given the pressure wash treatment. Make sure you use a simple solution such as white vinegar and lemon juice, mixed with hot water. This will kill any germs on the surface, spray away the grit and loose soil and give your patio floor a new lease of life. 

You should also try to update your patio, with a pergola, some hammocks and or some unique seating ideas. Stick some wooden cup holders to the posts of your patio if you have any. Fit an awning over the edge so you can block the sunshine from hitting your eyes as your lounge in your hammock while sipping coffee. 

Your front porch

Making your front porch look the part is not difficult. Fit some pillars and or Greek columns to the porch and have them act as support. You can have these columns carved with lots of unique designs, such as oak leaves, neo-classical style, scrolls and more. Invest in a great front door, something that is grand, colorful and made out of high-quality wood such as maple or walnut. Keep it clean, pressure wash the area once a month.

Your home doesn’t have to lose any value if you can keep active and notice where value is at danger. Losing heat is one, so insulate your crawl space. Convert your loft into something functional. Investing your patio and keeping it in pristine condition. 



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