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Bethune Pedersen
Tuesday's City Council Meeting Will Be Held 2 p.m. at the Ted C. Collins Building 1101 Oak St, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Why Residents & Merchants Must Attend Tuesday’s City Council Meeting


Know how a mountain begins? A molehill.
Tomorrow Myrtle Beach City Government is expected to plant the molehill that will quickly mushroom into a mountain. That mountain will bury us all.
A select few powerful people in Myrtle Beach have never liked certain businesses and the people who run them. Now, officials have found a way to steal success straight from the hands of hardworking people.
You must not make it easy for them to steal your success.
You must stand up.
You must show up.
You must speak up.
Of course, it is summertime and it is busy and YOU are busy. You are working. You have customers to serve.
Still you must. . .
Stand up.
Show up.
Speak up.
If you do not, before you know it there won’t be any more customers. There won’t be any more work.
Squash the molehill now, and you won’t be buried by the mountain later.
We invite all area merchants and residents to attend the Myrtle Beach City Council meeting on August 14th at 2 p.m.




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