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Why we wanted to, but could not support Clark Parker

The Philadelphia Gazette was among the first newspapers published in America.

On October 2, 1729 Benjamin Franklin and his partner Hugh Meredith seized the opportunity to purchase the Pennsylvania Gazette from Samuel Keimer.

Ben Franklin was an activist journalist. While he covered daily news items, he also championed certain people and certain causes, namely George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the American Revolution, and the fight for American independence. Franklin certainly was partisan.

So is MyrtleBeachSC News. We are resident biased news. We support, champion, and work with resident biased candidates.

Vetting Clark Parker

At the start of 2020, just before the big news about the Coronavirus stole all headlines, I met with a candidate for Horry County Auditor named Clark Parker.

Parker called me weeks before and asked me to meet with him.

SC Watchdog

In several prior phone conversations, Parker made it clear he was not part of the “establishment.” He stated he was a resident focused candidate. He was able to convince me of that.

For reasons unknown to me, Clark Parker audio recorded our entire meeting. I was unaware he was recording our meeting.

In that meeting, I mentored him on how to win an election in today’s America. I fully believed in his candidacy, during that period, based on our ongoing, previous conversations.

Sadly, just weeks later, Clark Parker checked himself into an extended stay hospital facility for mental health issues. He disappeared from sight all of March into April. When he returned, I met with him and one of his key staff members.

The meeting was scheduled so I could video record him for his campaign. Parker insisted his staff member be included in the campaign video alongside him.


During that video shooting, it was clear something about Parker’s health had significantly changed.

I could no longer, of clear conscience, recommend him for the job of Horry County Auditor. We did leave the “paid for” ad in place on our website.


Parker’s campaign manager, Johnny Ervin Fryar Jr reached out to me early this week. He stated that he believed I had not performed as promised.

I made him aware of the ad placed on our news site, displayed exactly as sent to us by the Parker campaign. I also made him aware of these weekly traffic numbers.

This week’s (June 3rd) traffic numbers – MyrtleBeachSC News. We promised 40,000 weekly views. Our news produced 11 times that amount of traffic. MyrtleBeachSC News has run these type numbers weekly all spring.

Friar stated in an email, as well as, on the phone with me that Parker had recorded our private meeting and that he would be releasing the audio (to what he called) the media. He said I would find it “embarrasing”.

I was informed yesterday that Friar had released the recording to THUG ARMY’s Chad Caton. Caton is a local shock jock. I was told Caton then shared it with his mentor Tom Herron. Caton also made other local politicians aware he had it. Several heard the audio before it was released.

Tom Herron is a $5,000 paid political operative, paid by the Carter Smith For Senate 33 Campaign. https://www.facebook.com/votecartersmith/ .

After Herron and Caton listened to the audio, it was then sent to Carter Smith’s long standing friend and operative John McGuiness.

McGuiness shared the audio last night on his personal facebook page.

McGuiness lives in Greenville, N.C. Carter Smith is also from Greenville, N.C.

Earlier yesterday, claiming he could care less about the District 33 race, McGuiness shared this post on his home page:

I am really nobody important and I could not care less who wins the election. Much like most people I have had a lot of time on my hands and The (SC) District 33 Election caught my attention. I have posted on all 3 individual’s page who are running for office June 9th.

Last night, McGuiness shared the audio on his home page, along with an email Johnny Ervin Fryar Jr sent to Caton.

Below are examples of what was on the “Supposedly Horrible Audio” Fryar threatened me with.


Today, Chad Caton, a self described Thug of the Thug Army, shared the audio on his activist page. This based on his claimed “discovery” of the audio on McGuiness’ home page,

The audio is practically impossible to hear unless the volume is set extremely high. It is over 1 hour long.

Wrote Tuvia Wilkes, Myrtle Beach business owner, after hearing the audio.

As the audio is over 1 hour long and can be found online, here are the supposedly embarrassing issues on the audio:

* That I picked up a check for just over $3,000 from Parker for advertising while mentoring him on the best ways to win a political campaign.

PLEASE NOTE: I actually wanted Parker to win the election, before news of his health incident.

*That I mentioned Ken Richardson, the Horry County School Board President, had suffered a small stroke in his eye weeks before the meeting. FYI: I spoke to Ken Richardson today. Said Richardson, “I have fully recovered and I am looking forward to my future in politics.” Richardson also stated he had previously put this information online himself.

*I also stated Angie Jones was unliked (unlikeable) by certain establishment types. My remarks there were in reference to previous attacks on her by former Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus. Parker has been around and fully knew what I was referencing.

* I wrongfully stated that Angie Jones was working to find a candidate to run against Heather Ammons Crawford and Cam Crawford. Actually, it was Heather Ammons Crawford who was working to find a candidate to run against Angie Jones. Ammons could not find anyone dumb enough to take that on. Jones is possibly the best Treasurer in the State of S.C.

Chad Caton was actually the person actively working to find a candidate willing to run against Heather Ammons Crawford and Cam Crawford. Mark Epps has publicly stated it was Caton who encouraged his run.

Despite that, I support Epps and hope he does win.


In the past, I have helped and supported candidates including Angie Jones, Ken Richardson, Karon Mitchell, Mark Epps, William Bailey, Renee Elvis, Janice Morreale, David Cox, and many others that I have never taken one dime from. Our news team currently supports R.A. Johnson for Horry County Auditor. We are also currently supporting John Gallman for District 33. Neither campaign has paid us one red cent.


I have also helped paid clients, including:

Before publishing we reached out to Carter Smith directly (by text) asking for a response concerning the work of his own operatives.

TO OUR READERS – MALLORY MORRIS is another political operative. Her now deleted posts were quoted by McGuiness. Mallory previously worked for the Scott Pyle for Senate Campaign in 2016.

Smith has not responded to our request.


On the video above, we list the many reasons our news team supports R.A. Johnson for Horry County Auditor. Johnson has never paid us one red cent.



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Born in 1961, David is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area.David is the lead journalist at MyrtleBeachSC.com

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