Why You Should Use Complementary Medicine (Without Feeling Guilty)

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The medical establishment has a certain way of doing things. It believes that the best way to treat people is to isolate problems in their bodies and then design specific molecules or chemicals to heal them or relieve symptoms. 

The problem with this approach is that it is so narrow. Our bodies are infinitely complicated chemical machines with thousands of interactions taking place every day. That’s why there is no magic bullet that’s going to eliminate all diseases forever.

And here’s where complementary medicine can help. It’s not trying to target a single pathway or channel in the body. Instead, it is working more holistically to find solutions. In many cases, patients use it alongside regular treatment and receive tremendous benefits from doing so.

It Helps You Feel Better

Complementary medicine is great for helping you feel better – both from disease and the side effects of conventional medications. People who take yoga classes, use nutrition and go for acupuncture sessions typically cope better with cancer treatment. They feel more alert and have a better overall sense of wellbeing. 

It Reduces Symptoms And Side Effects

Related to this is the fact that complementary medicine reduces symptoms and side effects. There is ample evidence that it can help control various forms of cancer and even makes the body more robust to treatment. People who fast for 48 hours before radiation therapy, for example, experience fewer DNA breaks and tears. 

It Helps People Feel More In Control

Just going through regular rounds of medical treatment can sometimes make you feel a little out of control. You’d like a better handle on the process, but you always feel at the mercy of practitioners. 

However, when you opt for alternative medicine, you have more scope to choose treatments that work for you. Just having a sense that you have an active role in your treatment can make you feel better and deal with some of the emotional side effects of disease better. 

It Is Comforting

A lot of alternative medicine works by comforting the brain and thereby changing the chemistry of the body. When your mind is positive, it has an impact on how the rest of your functions. 

Alternative therapies, such as massage and aromatherapy fundamentally change how you feel. Your brain releases antiinflammatory hormones and chemical messengers that help to return you to a state of health. The effects can be extraordinarily powerful. 

It Boost Your Immune System

Related to this is the fact that complementary medicine boosts the immune system. If you feel good, it has a direct effect on the body, encouraging it to fight disease more. People who are in a positive state of mind, for instance, tend to produce more white blood cells and antibodies than those who aren’t. Interestingly, modern science is still catching up to this basic reality. 

In summary, complementary medicine is a powerful tool you can use to supercharge your recovery. Evidence suggests that when you get it in combination with traditional therapies, you are much more likely to recover. 

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