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Henry McMaster
McMaster First Chose Lindsey Graham. MBACC Insiders Wanted Rubio

Will Pence Arrival Swing Horry County For Insider McMaster?

Vice President Mike Pence will make an appearance at Coastal Carolina University today campaigning with Governor Henry McMaster.   McMaster is in a run-off with former Marine John Warren.

John Warren and Family

Warren blanketed Horry County yesterday speaking with retirees, Market Common residents, veterans, and Conway residents at the Warehouse where he picked up two key, local endorsements.


The race is razor tight.  The McMaster camp hopes an appearance by Vice President Mike Pence will be a game changer as Fox News is expected to give the event national coverage.

Pundits say “Politics make strange bedfellows.”  McMaster initially supported Lindsey Graham for President before Graham was decimated by Trump.  Trump and Graham rarely have nice things to say about one another.  Graham and McMaster are close associates.  Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce insiders were for Rubio and most were “Never Trumpers”.

However,  both McMaster and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber insiders are now pulling out all of the stops to get McMaster re-elected and maintain power. The direction South Carolina takes could hang on Horry County voters.  Will the voters be persuaded by the Pence appearance?

Said Fits news, a Columbia, S.C. blog site:

Here is the inconvenient truth confronting South Carolina as it prepares to close the book on the second decade of the new millennium: We are not winning.

Not even close …

Economicallyfiscallyeducationally and with regards to infrastructurepublic safety and other core functions of government … we are losing.

Badly. “Bigly.”

Under the fiscally liberal, crony capitalist McMaster administration, the most important outcomes for South Carolina are deteriorating.  Not only that, they are deteriorating at a time when state government is spending record sums of money (a torrent of wasteful spending McMaster has done absolutely nothing to stop).

More money, more problems.”  Exactly what you would expect from a career politician, right?

And while McMaster doesn’t bear quite the same level of blame for this as leading state lawmakers, his ongoing accommodation of them (and their endorsement of his candidacy) tells you all you need to know about his “leadership.”

This Generation Of Retirees Who Pray,  Pray For S.C & Warren



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