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William Herlong
William Herlong, Candidate for S.C. Attorney General

William Herlong True Conservative In The Attorney General’s Race

Political Action groups who are interested in seeing current S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson returned to office have been hitting the Horry County airwaves telling us that William Herlong is a liberal.

MyrtleBeachSC news fact checked these ads and nothing could be farther from the truth.  Herlong heralds from Greenville, S.C.  Greenville is the most conservative area in our state.

Mr. Wilson would prefer to focus on creating doubt about Mr. Herlong as Wilson is currently caught up in a state-wide ethics probe with a substantial chance of being indicted himself, according to the S.C. Club for Growth.  Here is what that group says about Mr. Wilson.

As to William Herlong, he has visited Horry County ongoing.  At each stop, he made it clear where he stood and MyrtleBeachSC news was there to get him on the record.

Here is what he said at the latest Horry County Republican Stampede event.  William Herlong won the straw poll of grass roots voters at that event.

If the internals we are seeing here at MyrtleBeachSC news are accurate, the mood among voters is to end the collusion that is S.C. politics. Voters also want an accountable Attorney General who will enforce and live by the same laws he prosecutes.

If those are your motives,  William Herlong is your best chance at getting that tomorrow.

Please vote June 12, 2018.



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