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Windows: What Makes Them So Wonderful?

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David Hucks
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The majority of people take their windows for granted. In our daily lives, we pay little attention to them, and when it comes to making a list of the things we like or dislike about our homes, windows are seldom included. They are just there, with a simple function.

But, consider the implications of this for a moment. Can you imagine what your home or any building, for that matter would look and feel like if it did not have any windows in it? What would the mood be like in your living room if you closed the windows? What about your personal space, such as your bedroom or bathroom?

If you take a moment to consider it, you will understand that windows are an extremely crucial component of any home or any building for that matter. Much more so than most of us understand. If your windows were abruptly removed or if you were otherwise isolated from them, the consequences would be immense, and not in a good way.

In this article, we will discuss how and why windows are such an important element of your home, even if you are not aware of them.

They provide natural lighting

You will not be able to get any sunlight into your home if you do not have any windows. It is as simple as that. 

Windows, as a result, are extremely important when it comes to the luminance of your home. In some shape or manner, lighting is required in every home; it is the only way for us to be able to see well. Because without light, we would all be fumbling around in the darkness and knocking into each other and the furniture.

Without windows, you would be forced to rely solely on artificial lighting to illuminate your space. 

Most of the time, this refers to light emanating from either a light bulb or some other type of light fixture, depending on the situation. These also have a negative impact on the energy efficiency of your home because they require a significant amount of electrical power to operate.

Humans need sunlight

Our genetic makeup is predisposed to a desire for and enjoyment of sunlight. Windows make this possible, and as such, they are critical to the design of a well-planned home.

A large number of studies have been conducted to demonstrate the relationship between emotions and sunlight. After being denied the sun’s soothing rays for an extended period of time, humans become significantly less psychologically healthy.

Windows play a significant role in our lives because they allow us to live in safe buildings while still receiving and absorbing the sun’s restorative rays.

They help us with healthy sleep and wake patterns

Natural light has signaled to species on a primal level throughout the history of the planet when it is time to wake up and participate in the world, and when it is time to calm down and rest, among other things. Natural light boosts hormones in the body, causing it to become more active. The absence of natural light causes hormones to be released that cause the body to calm and hibernate.

For example, one area in which the strength of the biophilic design is demonstrated is the body’s response to daylight. When it comes to maintaining a good sleep/wake cycle, light exposure is critical, and sunshine has an impact on our natural circadian rhythms, which are changes in our physical, mental, and behavioral patterns that occur on a daily cycle. In addition to light and darkness in one’s environment, as well as the tone of light, for example, bluish light in the morning versus warmer light at night,  these rhythms are recognized by a third sort of receptor in our eyes, which is called the photoreceptor.  

They make our living environment more comfortable and energy-efficient

Windows are mainly constructed of glass. Glass, by definition, is transparent, which means that it allows light to pass through rather than inhibiting it. The primary source of light that enters through windows is sunshine.

During the lower winter months, there will be some natural heat transfer from the sun via your windows to keep you comfortable. Ever sat near a large window on a bright day, even if the outside temperature was chilly, and enjoyed the view? Soon, you will be able to feel the warmth. This helps to warm up your home a little, which allows you to save money on your heating expenses while also contributing to the environment’s well-being as a whole.

Allowing fresh, cooler air to circulate through a home in the summer is made possible by the ability to open windows. Using an external cooling device, such as air conditioning, will prevent the nice chilled air from flowing outdoors. Installing a good set of windows can help prevent this from happening.

Of course, the quality of your windows will have a significant impact on this. Single-glazed windows that are more than a decade old or that are no longer as secure and energy-efficient as they were when they were first installed can sabotage your efforts to be more energy efficient. When this is the case, it is highly recommended that you consider Renewal by Andersen window replacement to ensure that your windows are performing to their maximum potential.

They boost the resale value of your home

While you may not be planning on selling your house and moving anytime soon, it is crucial to keep the worth of your home in mind while making any decisions about your property. Nobody knows when things will change, and it goes without saying that you want to get the most money out of your house that you can for the least amount of work. Improved windows, particularly double or triple glass windows, can significantly increase the value of a home, especially if they are installed in new construction.

It is possible that you do not pay much attention to your windows. You might believe that no one else does as well, and on a fundamental level, you might be correct. No one should have to worry about getting a decent set of windows since they should be seamlessly incorporated into your home and life as if they were always there. You and others will notice if you have a defective window or no windows at all.



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