4 Ways To Deal With A Bad Contractor

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Remodeling can be exciting, allowing you to personalize your space to suit your taste. However, it can also be overwhelming and stressful, involving many moving parts, including hiring the right contractor for a large-scale project. Even when you follow the right steps to choose your project contractor, like most human relationships, there may be bumps along the way. These may include a misunderstanding regarding your project deadline, a delay pushing your project completion date even further back, or poor work delivery. According to a recent survey, fewer than 30% of contractors complete projects on time and within budget. So how do you deal with a bad contractor? Here are some tips to guide you. 

  1. Document everything

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Stay Informed

If you are having issues with a contractor, it is important to document everything. That includes keeping track of all communications, project timelines or budget changes. Keeping records will not only help you keep track of what has happened, but it will also provide evidence if you need to take further action. Document everything that could affect the original contract. Consider including other details such as price, deadlines, project scope, and schedule to eliminate unnecessary disputes. 

  1. Communicate clearly

Early communication of critical project details helps contractors understand your expectations from the beginning of the project. Conflicts will likely emerge in the absence of open and clear communication, so ensure you are clear and concise in your communication with the contractor. Be specific about what is not being done to your satisfaction, and provide examples if necessary. Doing this will help the contractor understand your particular issues and needs and allow them to address them.

  1. Try to resolve the issue informally

It is only a matter of minutes before something goes awry when dealing with a complex project, such as an uncontrollable incident. Suppose you are waiting to get the entire home repainted in a few days, yet it has been raining for weeks. Delay, in this case, is unavoidable. In such situations, resolving issues in-house through a dialogue with your contractor before you consider taking formal action is best. Explain your concerns and see if you can come to a resolution that works for both parties. 

  1. Use a mediator

Consider using a mediator if you cannot resolve the issues with your contractor informally. The mediator can be a neutral third party who can help facilitate a conversation and help you agree on things. However, you may take legal action If all other attempts to resolve the issue have been unsuccessful. That could include filing a complaint with a government agency or hiring a lawyer to help you resolve the issue. Suppose external circumstances have aggravated the issue, such as you living in the Camp Lejeune area and your project has been further set back by water contamination. In that case, you may contact a Camp Lejeune lawyer for assistance and fair compensation. 

Dealing with a bad contractor can be frustrating. However, you can resolve the issue by documenting everything, communicating clearly, and resolving the issue informally without resorting to legal action. In extreme cases, using a mediator or taking legal action may be necessary to protect your rights and interests.

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