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U-turn in I-73 Funding. MB pledges $7.5 million

When three coastal cities chose to de-fund former County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus’ signature SCDOT I-73 funding agreement, locals found it odd that Congressman Tom Rice, Assemblyman Alan Clemmons, and Senator Luke Rankin were silent on that issue. Funding I-73 has been among those politicians’ key initiatives as well. Yesterday, …

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People Empowering People – Meet Nancy Camacho

Social media certainly comes with its own good and bad. It has definitely proven to have its positive qualities such as connecting long lost friends and family or grandparents being able to visit online with their grandchildren. Negatives are just as many with bullying, fake news and wasting of time …

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Voided Myrtle Beach sale includes fraud and McNair Law Firm

“McNair Law Firm intentionally withheld material information about the September [2015] Sales from the two mortgage holders to conceal numerous assets in violation of federal and state law” Lane Jefferies [McNair’s Lawyer] knew about and, more importantly, was concerned about Gabby’s wire. This proves he knew about the illicit funds …

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Healing Horry County Moving Forward

“For the past 67 days of divided county government, it has cost us $96.4 million to operate the county based on its current 2019 total budget.“ In his Tuesday testimony, County Administrator Chris Eldridge stated that he only notified former Chairman Mark Lazarus, Councilman Tyler Servant, Councilman Gary Loftus, and …

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Surfside Beach Votes Unanimously To De-fund I-73

Surfside Beach Town Hall

Surfside Beach held a special city council meeting last night to consider adopting the same city ordinances approved by Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. Surfside Beach City Council voted unanimously 7 to 0 to keep all hospitality funds inside the city. This vote terminates the city’s payments to Horry …

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