Locals protest at church: Justice for Mica Miller

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Sunday Conversation: How did Mica Miller come to such a tragic end?

According to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office, Mica Miller, 30, died at Lumber River State Park in the Orrum community, NC.

The death of Mica Miller is being investigated by the sheriff’s office as of last Thursday. Sources now inform MyrtleBeachSC News that a person of interest has been identified and leads are being followed.

Sources also confirm that the Solid Rock church, pastored by her estranged husband, JP Miller, is closing permanently. Solid Rock’s official website has been suspended.

*Miller was previously represented by lawyer, S.C. Representative Val Guest, in criminal court. Guest is not his divorce court attorney and has never represented Miller in Family Court.

The Mica Miller case, however, highlights the need for complete Family Court Judicial Reform in the State of S.C.

Mica Miller posted a sad and traumatic video just days before she mysteriously died, leaving many questioning her death.


Mica Miller

The easiest way to identify a false Christian, note that their I’s are too close together. J.P. Miller is the Pastor of Solid Rock Community Church in Market Common, Myrtle Beach.

In his sermons, he constantly leaked out I, I, I, me, me, me, my, my, my.

All peoples disconnected from God care about one central thing. They care most about themselves. The entire world is about them in their own eyes. If all else is false, Miller’s own litany of sermons prove that he is a narcissist. However, this isn’t just true for JP. All non Christians primarily care about their own purposes, entitlements, and their things. Miller is no exception.


Playing the narrative of victim is a second critical way to spot a false Christian.

True Christians believe that their life is not their own. They also believe they were designed with a unique purpose, based on how they were made.

Humans are smart creators. We create Hybrid Cars for fuel efficient transportation. We create luxury cars for comfort and style in transportation. We create buses for mass transportation. We create trucks to haul and pull things. We create 18 wheelers to move cargo. We create mail trucks for mail. Each of these creations are made with a special purpose in mind.

Each of these vehicles have NO PURPOSE outside of their creator.

Isn’t it logical that we were created for a unique purpose. Could it be that connecting with that purpose, that design, brings true life? If we are made with a unique design for a unique purpose, true Christians should never see themselves as victims.

Yet increasingly we witness every current subset in America professing to be victims. JP Miller is no exception.


False Christians will always seek affirmation by acting out some role as hero [savior]. They live in the spotlight they create. They work to control all people around them to manipulate circumstances that bring them Glory.

Yet, ancient texts tell us that all Glory belongs to God.


True Christianity will cost you. Faith requires you to die to yourself. Self death is the only door into an actual relationship with Christ. Christ also demands to be Lord.

Anyone who takes on Christ as savior, but rejects him as Lord, will need a savior every hour of every day.

God wants to save us from ourselves through Christ. He wants us to receive and surrender to the will of the Holy Spirit so that we can walk in true Spiritual Authority.

God told Adam that if he rebelled, he would die [be cut off]. Since Adam did not fall over dead, when he ate this fruit, what did his death look like?

In Genesis, we read that God breathed into Adam and he became a living being. When Adam sinned, that living breath disconnected from him. That living breath came from GOD. It was the Holy Spirit.

Was JP Miller a surrendered man? Did he walk under the Authority of the Holy Spirit? We encourage readers to go online and check out his many bizarre sermons at Solid Rock Church in Market Common.


True Christians believe that life only comes from God. Not just in the next life, but that a purposeful life exists right here and right now.

As we memorialize Mica Miller, we pray that every member reading this finds true life today

*This article has been corrected: Attorney Val Guest in not now, nor has ever represented JP Miller in divorce court.

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