Rep. Val Guest sets record straight on JP Miller divorce case

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David Hucks
David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

JP Miller update: See Inclusion added May 4th from REDDIT at article’s end*

S.C. House Rep. Val Guest spoke with our news team today stating he previously represented JP Miller, but not in divorce court. MyrtleBeachSC News previously identified Guest as Miller’s divorce lawyer. In fact, Guest represented Miller in criminal court concerning a traffic related issue where Miller demanded a jury trial. **S.C. State Representative Val Guest represented JP Miller a total of 6 times as can be seen in the screen shots, bottom of article. Just below, is a screen shot of Guest representing Miller in his first family court divorce case.

Rep. Val Guest was lawyer in initial divorce case

With the suspicious death of Miller’s wife, Mica, national media, including the NY Post, Nancy Grace, USA Today, et al have rushed in with news investigations.

The Horry County Clerk’s Office in South Carolina confirmed to Fox News Digital that Mica Miller had filed three different “separate support and maintenance” requests since last year — the latest filed on April 16. Separate support and maintenance allows one spouse to receive court-ordered support from another spouse without officially divorcing.

Comments on Social Media about JP Miller owning the church building

Val Guest Social
JP Miller

The bizarre sermon rant, JP Miller preached at Solid Rock Church in Myrtle Beach, about his wife, was sent to us from a user named Ixchel.

Theories are many, but as of this publishing, facts are few.

Mica Miller died of a gunshot wound at a public state park in NC just an hour’s drive away from her home. The coroner refuses to rule this as a suicide and the case remains under investigation.

J.P. Miller, her estranged husband, says Mica committed suicide. A local source sent MyrtleBeachSC News these comments from his current female friend (made just after Mica’s death).

Here is what she said: “He’s my friend. His wife passed away 4 days ago and he had no one to eat with. He asked a bunch of people to sit with him and no one could go. So when he asked if I could go, I went. We’ve been friends for years. It wasn’t a date. People also said he murdered his wife but we believe she called the police before she did it saying that she bought a gun and was going to kill herself and wanted to make sure they could ping her phone so her family could find the body. (This is from the nurse at the hospital). Then she did it. she’s attempted suicide before, she’s schizophrenic, bi polar, and has dependent personality disorder. She took herself off her meds starting in December against her Doctors orders and against JP’s wishes and even texted her family telling them she was doing it. this is the longest she’s been off her lithium since she was diagnosed in 2017. A few weeks ago she threw a belt out of the car while driving on the highway because she thought it was a serpent. she was playing chess by herself recently and talking to herself and when they asked her what she was doing she said playing chess with the demon. She was very , no extremely mentally ill. And the people posting this stuff on social media haven’t spoken to her or jp in years. They were part of his first church that ended in 2015. So none of it is what people Are making it out to look like.

All across social media, others are claiming that it was unlikely for Mica to commit suicide.

Pastor Miller, and his father, have long been surrounded by controversy in the Myrtle Beach area.

Regardless of how Mica died, JP Miller’s sermon rant indicates that now might be a good time to take a break from the pulpit.

6 cases where S.C. Rep Val Guest represented JP Miller


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Myrtle Beach Pastor Announces Wife’s Death After Sermon, says suicide, but locals are finding evidence that suggest otherwise.


Lumberton, NC plays a part in this.

Even though this case is new, there is SO much information coming out. I will try my best to keep things on topic and not confusing. I urge you to read until the end. It’s going to end up being a huge case, there are a couple deaths involved, but we are here mostly and most recently for Mica Miller.

Victim: Mica Miller
Husband: John Paul (JP) Miller
Father of JP: Wayne Miller

When Mica was 15 years old, she lived in Myrtle Beach, SC and started attending youth group at Solid Rock Church. It was there that 28 year old year old JP started grooming her while he was married to his wife, who he shares 5 children with. His charges when he was married to her:

  1. Knowingly damage property (2x)
  2. Aggravated assault/deadly weapon
  3. Possession of a liquor by minor (2x)
  4. Possession of consumed liquor by a minor
  5. Possession cannibis <2.5 grams (same night as the minors)
  6. Contributing to the delinquency of a child
  7. Domestic battery/bodily harm
  8. Domestic battery/physical contact
  9. Assault/assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature (2x)
  10. Being on premises after warning or refuse to leave

The two got married when Mica was 23, and JP was 37. JP is the owner of the church Solid Rock, and from local reviews, ran off a lot of people. He had misogynistic views, would verbally attack people, and everyone feared for Mica. He verbally, financially, mentally, physically, spiritually, and sexually assaulted her throughout their marriage. If she wanted to leave, he would have her committed to the mental hospital. He openly talked about her struggles during his sermons, as did she. JP failed to mention HE was the reason for her mental struggles. He would emotionally torture her, make her watch him have sex with other women in front of her, slash her tires, stalk her, put tracking devices on her car, she was even sleeping couch to couch terrified of him finding and committing her again. From another friend, Mica escaped JP in February 2024. Friends were hiding Mica. She found out he was doing things with the money from the church and after that he put her in a mental hospital, again. When she got out, she told her friend, “I am not mentally ill, I’m not sick, I don’t want to harm myself, and he is going to make it look like I killed myself. He’s going to try to frame me. One day I know he’s going to do it.” The church is not listed with the Southern Baptist Convention, nor it is listed as a non-profit. This could have been what Mica found out, he was committing tax fraud and had been for years. This last month, she started reconnecting with friends that JP had forced her to isolate from. One message from Mica to a friend on April 5 reads, for your gentle warnings throughout the years regarding my relationship with JP. I know that you knew I wasn’t ready to get out but looking back your warnings were very helpful when trying to make tough life decisions. Definitely have replayed our convo’s in my head over and over throughout the years and wished there was something I could do to get out. And now I’ve done it :)”

To give you an example of what this guy is like when he preaches, In February 2024, here’s part of a sermon he read aloud to his churchgoers: You know, a year ago, my wife, they went to Africa they had a wonderful trip and she came back with the idea to start a school in Africa. And 6 weeks ago she “goes to the hospital”, gets out, and just leaves me, completely leaves me, drains our bank accounts, and I go, “Guess what? While you’re talking bad about me out there I’m building a school in Africa for over 100 kids in order for them to be fed!” …Goes on about God. then “One day I’m gonna preach to God about getting rich, strong, healthy, and finding a hot wife that loves Jesus! That’s what I’m gonna do.” Then, he continues to bash Mica saying “When my wife was in the hospital, um you know I looked at her phone, and I counted over the past 2 years, 18 people who had text her and said “If you ever want to talk to someone about your husband, you can talk to me and say anything and I’ll keep it confidential.” This made him VISIBLY angry while on stage.

Mica filed for divorce and a protective order 48 hours before she was found dead.

The crime: In her final week she made plans to get her hair cut, get help with her car payment because she was a little short after paying the divorce lawyer, and planned on meeting her friends at a church service Sunday, April 28. On Saturday, April 27, Mica left in her work uniform to work at JPeters, a local restaurant. She never showed. Her body was discovered an hour and a half away, in Lumberton, NC. Her cause of death is a gun shot wound to the head. JP was not allowing her family to see her and was pushing for a quick cremation (that was denied and the family has seen her).
Hours later, her husband, holds church service as normal Sunday, April 29. He has no remorse, emotion, and cracks jokes during his sermon. In the last 30 seconds of it, he says (and I’m paraphrasing but listening to it as I go) “I have an announcement and I ask that after it you leave the church and do not talk about my announcement. I hope you continue to come to church and serve and give, you know, for the next little bit, I’m taking a little bit of a break, and I don’t want to have to worry about the church. My break might be a few days, or a few weeks, I don’t know. Uh I got a call late last night my wife has passed away and yeah it was self induced and it was up in North Carolina. And um we’ll have a funeral for her next Sunday here at 3:00, and um yeah that’s- I’m just, you know, going on adrenaline right now. Yall know she wasn’t well mentally and uh she needed her medicine that was hard to get.” (There is a video of this, despite JP deleting it from their church YouTube).
3 days later her husband is seen and photographed at Coastal Grand Mall going into a sushi restaurant with his supposed girlfriend, Suzi. He is looking right into the camera.
4 days later he is seen and photographed in a restaurant called Kingstreet Grille with the same supposed girlfriend, Suzi. She is looking at the camera with her eyebrows raised and her hand over her mouth.

On May 1, JP informed a news outlet he could not do their scheduled interview as he was leaving town for a few days.

SUZI SKINNER’S HUSBAND’S MYSTERIOUS DEATH (Girl from recent photos): it was common knowledge that JP and Suzi had been dating for a years. They h ave been sharing food and blankets at soccer games and they’ve been seen at the water park. in 2021, Suzi’s then husband, who was paralyzed and lived his life in a wheelchair, drowned in a pool and it was “accidental”. Yes, you read that right.

WAYNE MILLER (AND ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH): (Living in Myrtle Beach as well) Arrested for hooking up with a minor in a shower, molestation charges, and then had the charges expunged. This was in the 90’s.
He forced J1 visa students who paid to trail to the US to attend his “bible college”, failure to pay them even minimum wage, failure to provide them with adequate shelter, food and more. He had federal charges from ICE for abusing the immigrant students while with him.
He was exposed for lewd acts in Pakistan a few years back. He was living in a private society at the time called Eden Garden, which was full of younger boys. Remember, he has a history of molestation. Jerry Savelle, who started a church in Pakistan that Wayne was associated with, passed away on April 14, 2024 with no clear cause of death. In a video, you can see them talk about how Dr. Jerry Seville didn’t know all the illegal things Wayne was doing and didn’t realize he (Savelle) was contributing to.
Also in Pakistan, he had a plan to make a false accusation in the Pakistan Court system because he was about to get exposed for his homosexual relationship and all the sexual abuse he was committing there. The allegations (we don’t know what they were) were proven to be false by Pakistan Court this past October. He then had his male lover come to America with his Pakistan sister, and Troy (Wayne’s friend) was the “sponsor” to marry the sister so they could come here. An article about Troy from 2003 reads, “A former Myrtle Beach area pastor is facing charges of child molestation. 32-year old Robert Troy Taylor turned himself in to Georgetown County Authorities Saturday. He’s the former pastor at the Low Country Community Church in Murrell’s Inlet, just south of Myrtle Beach. The charges are reportedly connected to two incidents with 12- year old boys from more than a decade ago.” The company you keep…..

JP’s OLDER SON: He has a history of domestic abuse against his wife and served time for hitting her over the head with a glass bottle in January 2024.

Search the hashtag #JusticeForMica on Facebook and you can see videos, pictures, text messages, etc. Please ignore the obituary this abuser wrote, it is so disgusting. Paints himself in an amazing light. This is only the beginning. Her death was called a suicide, but Robeson County is investigating it and ALL of this information has been sent to our local police department as well as Robeson County. A protest is being held on the public property outside of the church and walk around a few blocks on Sunday at 9:00 am, even though the news came out today they are closed. This is for Mica. One of her last videos she uploaded to her Facebook was her speaking out about her abuse, and she looks so empty inside.

Sorry if this was confusing, but police have barely released any information except the basics. But the rest were from old articles and people’s stories about her. I tried to piece it all together the best I could to show this entire family is about to go down, as they should have a long time ago.


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