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Local Activist Supports Mark Lazarus

John e Bonsignor

Local T.V. personality and activist Jon Bonsignor endorses Mark Lazarus in the coming June 12th primary for Horry County Council Chairman.  Bonsignor hosts a local T.V. show along with Paul Gable.  Gable is a journalist who writes for Grand Strand Daily.  Gable is a friend of this news site and …

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North Myrtle Beach Works To Preserve Ingram Dunes

Written By Vance Miller South Carolina, a state rich in history, bubbling with culture, and teeming with some of the most pristine natural wonders of the world. However, among the historical markers of Charleston, the golf courses of Hilton Head, there lay a true diamond in the heart of North …

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11 Ways Myrtle Beach Residents Can Reduce Water Pollution

Flooded NIchols

Contributed by Special Reporter: John Hawthorne Want to Help Reduce Water Pollution? Here’s How… “If I don’t drink water, I’m going to die.” – desperate Puerto Rican trying to survive. The fact of the matter is that we can’t live off of beer and energy drinks. H2O is a precious commodity, we simply can’t …

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Fun Humor On WRNN 99.5

WRNN Axelrod

WRNN SHOW PART 1 WRNN SHOW PART 2 Stuart Axelrod of the Stuart Axelord Hour, which is broadcast on WRNN 99.5, invited David Hucks of MyrtleBeachSC.com on the program today. MyrtleBeachSC.com was able to enjoy a light-hearted, fun filled Saturday.  The show featured a humorous poke at all things Myrtle …

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Carey & Residents Apologize, Then Thank Bubba Hinson

Bubba Hinson

“A Firefighter And A Cell Phone Did More To Hold Myrtle Beach Officials Accountable Than Our Reporting Has Done For The Past Decade,”  said David Hucks, Journalist MyrtleBeachSC.com Following the prayers of local Lee Webb, Mayoral Candidate Ed Carey and local residents first apologized to and then thanked S.C. Firefighter …

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Ocean Pollution Is Injuring SC Marine Life

Ocean Polution

ARTICLE BY FEATURED WRITER: SHARON TUTRONE Our world is a trashy society, and that is causing big problems to oceans and the marine life that call it home. “I hope we would be more enlightened about throwing trash in the oceans,” said Dr. Dan Abel, a marine biologist at Coastal Carolina University. …

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