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Examining the Role of Social Media in Shaping NFL Culture

Social media has had a profound impact on the culture of the NFL, allowing fans to have unprecedented access to their favorite teams and...

Pickleball is Growing in Myrtle Beach

Pickleball is making waves across the US, and that includes Myrtle Beach. According to court data provider Pickleheads, there are 9 pickleball courts in...

Feedspot ranks MyrtleBeachSC News #1 News Organization for 2023

Feedspot ranks MyrtleBeachSC News as the top news organization for the Myrtle Beach DMA for 2023. On December 29, 2022 Feedspot published its rankings...

Top Tips on How Not to Get Distracted While Working From Home

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, a large number of people have taken up remote work as a result of the lockdown. Even two...

How to Get Out of Times of Crisis through Self-Healing

The need to self-heal and rediscover oneself is an integral part of each individual's story, regardless of the historical era to which they belong....

Why It’s Important to Have Friends Outside Your Relationship

Keeping a healthy relationship is challenging, and it can get even more challenging when you spend all your time with your partner. While it’s...

Research Paper Writing: What to Pay Attention to and What Basic Rules to Follow

Among the things that strike fear in academics, the accursed research paper is one of them. Writing a single research paper takes a lot...

2022-2023 Best Colleges with Landscape Architecture Degrees

Architecture has always been the awe and inspiration of many. From simply designing the buildings we see around us on a daily basis, architecture...

5 Tips to Help You Be a Top Landscape Architecture Student

When in college, you want to do your best because your efforts at this stage can significantly impact how well you do in the...

Why Is It Important for Students to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle?

Stress and anxiety are unfortunately related to being a college student. According to published data, 40% of college students in the US are not...

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