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Taken: USA TODAY Reports 82% MBPD Seizures Of Black Peoples’ Property

USA TODAY – Greenvilleonline.com Investigative Report Shows 82% Seizure Rates On Blacks In Myrtle Beach Area This article was written entirely by GreenvilleOnline.com as part of its Taken Series. Greenville attorney Jake Erwin said the overarching idea is that the money being seized is earnings from past drug sales, so it’s fair game. “In theory, that makes …

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The Gas Tax Scam: Two Years Later

SC Potholes

Opinion – Dave Schwartz, Freedom Action Network In early 2017 state legislators passed the largest gas tax hike in state history. The House and Senate overwhelmingly voted to increase our taxes at the pump by 72%, progressively adding 12-cents per gallon on top of the 17-cents they were already collecting …

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Holiday Travel Tips In and Around Myrtle Beach

By Donna Fitzgerald Whether you’re visiting family and friends during the holidays or just want to escape colder weather, Myrtle Beach is a popular travel destination, especially during the holiday season. Here are some holiday travel tips to consider when visiting Myrtle Beach. Watch The Weather While the weather changes …

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Greed-Power Dynamic Threatens Local Journalism

MyrtleBeachSC news rarely covers any news outside of our state.  However,  when U.S. Investigative Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered at the hands of the Saudi government this past week,  our own concerns increased.   Like many stories we follow, this has been an under-reported news item. Khashoggi is an investigative watchdog and …

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MyrtleBeachSC News Attacked By City Again

Gordon Hirsch

IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR, EMPLOYEES ARE EVALUATED, GRADED AND DISMISSED FOR POOR PERFORMANCE.  WHY SHOULDN’T GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES BE HELD TO THOSE SAME STANDARDS? The City of Myrtle Beach attacked MyrtleBeachSC news once again today.  It is the latest attack among many over the past, few years. A post by City …

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Local Activist Supports Mark Lazarus

John e Bonsignor

Local T.V. personality and activist Jon Bonsignor endorses Mark Lazarus in the coming June 12th primary for Horry County Council Chairman.  Bonsignor hosts a local T.V. show along with Paul Gable.  Gable is a journalist who writes for Grand Strand Daily.  Gable is a friend of this news site and …

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North Myrtle Beach Works To Preserve Ingram Dunes

Written By Vance Miller South Carolina, a state rich in history, bubbling with culture, and teeming with some of the most pristine natural wonders of the world. However, among the historical markers of Charleston, the golf courses of Hilton Head, there lay a true diamond in the heart of North …

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