6 Ways You Can Cool Off When You’re Feeling Warm

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Meteorologists announce that very high temperatures are ahead, and in a heat wave, especially those that await us in the days ahead, it is increasingly difficult to find the right ways to beat the heat.

Under normal conditions, the body cools down by sweating, but when the air humidity is high, sweating is not enough. That’s why we present you with a few ideas that can help you cool down, so keep reading.

Air Conditioning as the Best Weapon Against the Heat

We will mention the air conditioner as the first and most effective thing to combat the heat. With air conditioners, staying in homes, offices, hospitals, and other places is more comfortable, especially in summer. With all the possibilities it offers, it is more than good to have it in the house. 

It is important to note that good air quality can only be maintained if your air conditioner is regularly cleaned and the filters are changed. The professionals at bluewaterclimatecontrol.com recommend performing seasonal HVAC maintenance for your air conditioner. Otherwise, it can actually have the opposite effect. Some inverter air conditioners have a self-cleaning option, which makes maintenance much easier.

Instead of Carbonated Drinks and Coffee – Lemonade and Tea

Avoid carbonated beverages, which encourage additional fluid loss. These drinks include alcohol, all types of coffee, and carbonated drinks. Replace them with homemade tea. During the day, it is better to make lemon juice with a little sugar, because lemonade has a refreshing effect.

We must also mention that, although everyone thinks that ice water can cool you down, this is not true. Such water will additionally warm the body because the body struggles with the production of even more energy to adapt the temperature of the liquid to the body temperature. That’s why you should drink lukewarm water.

Fan and Water Trick

If you don’t have air conditioning in your apartment, you can cool down with a fan. The first and basic tip is to keep as much sunlight and heat out of the apartment as possible by keeping the windows closed during the day, with the blinds down.

It is necessary to ventilate the premises at night and early in the morning. A fan can also be very useful during hot weather. Here is a trick for this method to give the right effect. Get a few bottles, fill them with water, pour two or three teaspoons of salt into each, and then put them in the freezer overnight. Salt lowers the temperature at which water freezes, resulting in a super icy bottle. In the morning, take them out and place them in front of the fan. And definitely a tray underneath for thawing.

It is also recommended to turn on as few electrical appliances as possible because they radiate heat. It’s the same with lighting.

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A Lukewarm Shower

If you can, try to rest as much as possible during extreme heat. Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. It is also not recommended for those involved in sports to do anything outdoors at this period of the day because the heat causes fluid loss. Refreshing the body is possible by taking a frequent shower, but not with cold water. In this way, the body cools down immediately, but after that, it starts to sweat more and more. That is why it is better to shower with lukewarm water.

To better regulate the body temperature, after showering with lukewarm water, the body should be thoroughly wiped with a towel. If we don’t wipe ourselves well, the humidity increases, and therefore the excess heat is not emitted.

Light Diet

If you didn’t know, there are some foods that cool the body and those that heat it. Well, meat and meat products belong to those foods that heat up. On the other hand, fruits, especially watermelons, southern fruits, melons, plums, and apples, are foods that cool and refresh. Vegetables include tomatoes, cabbage salad, and peppers. In addition to ice cream, milk, yogurt, and sour milk are also cooling foods.

Wear Bright Clothes 

When it comes to heat, as well as excessive exposure to the sun, it is recommended to wear as light and bright clothes as possible. Wearing thin and airy materials like linen provides additional cooling to the body. Dark clothing should be avoided, as it absorbs heat. In the heat, it is best to walk in open sandals so that your feet do not sweat and swell.

Hopefully, these tips will make it easier for you to overcome the summer heat and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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