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Harold Worley
Councilman Worley Confronts CCAR Spokesman About Paying For The Cost Of Growth

County Council Stands Up To CCAR & Developers

Horry County Council passed a resolution last night which will put a non binding referendum on the ballot this November.  The referendum will allow voters to decide if developers should be charged impact fees for the costs of growth these new neighborhoods add to county expenses including new schools, new roads, new fire stations, and new police substations.  The vote carried by a measure of 11-1.

If November voters favor the measure of the impact fees, county leaders will then have to go to state legislators to get the current S.C. state law changed.

The idea was challenged by a spokesman for the Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors, who stated the measure would hurt current growth. Horry County is on a pace to have 623,000 total residents by 2040.

Councilman Harold Worley addressed the spokesman asking, “If not impact fees, what?”

Worley’s question was left unanswered.

Residents are becoming more active bringing their concerns to the table on issues that include quality of life.  These voices are being added to the once powerful voices of the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors, and developers.

The mood of Horry County Council last night was a positive one that responded to resident concerns.  Solving the matter will require a compromise among the chorus of voices of all named above.

A Resident’s Town Hall is scheduled for 12 noon today,  where this issue will certainly be discussed.



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