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FAN of SC Will Do Weekly Live-Streams on MyrtleBeachSC news

FAN Network, Wilson Cartoons Coming To MyrtleBeachSC news

Horry County voters recently worked to place several key, new leaders in office.  However,  as we have seen with our President, winning elections only matters when voters can also work to help those we elected be allowed to govern.  Call it the deep state or, in S.C.’s case, the RINO state, or Collusive State, newly elected (outsider) leaders face an uphill challenge when they begin to eliminate bad government and replace it with accountable government.

To help keep area residents informed by the best,  MyrtleBeachSC news is partnering with FAN of SC (Freedom Action Network) and local cartoonist Ed Wilson.

FAN OF SC will be doing a weekly, local Horry County live-stream on Facebook to all of our combined 150,000 viewers on topics like the below.

As to Ed Wilson’s Political Cartoons, need we say more.  He is local.  He is on point.  He is hilarious.



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