How To Deal With An Offshore Accident The Right Way

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People who work in offshore structures like rigs, boats, tankers, ships, and any other maritime-related locations are often exposed to hazardous conditions. Offshore accidents are common regardless of the safety measures implemented by operators in this sector. If you are injured in this kind of mishap, you are entitled to get compensation from the responsible authorities. Read on to learn how to deal with an offshore accident the right way.

Report the Accident 

When you are injured in a work-related accident, you must immediately report the accident to your supervisor or employer. Maritime laws require accident victims to report their cases within seven working days. If you fail to report the accident, the insurance company involved may dispute your claim arguing that your injury was not serious. Your manager should conduct an investigation and complete an accident report. Make sure you get a copy of this report for your own records. 

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Visit a Doctor

Some injuries manifest after a day or two, so you should visit a doctor for a physical examination soon after the accident. Your employer can take you to the company physician who can diagnose your injuries and write a medical report that you can use in your claim. However, you should know that you have a legal right to choose your doctor. Most company doctors may take the side of the employer, so it is a good idea to visit someone who is not affiliated with the employer or their insurance company.

It is vital to follow the doctor’s instructions to recover fully from your injuries. If you skip appointments or fail to take medication as instructed, the insurance provider may not pay full compensation. The insurer can send investigators to monitor your progress without your knowledge, so you should remain consistent in following through with your treatment.      

Dealing with offshore accidents can be challenging since big corporations and insurance companies are, in most cases, interested in protecting their business. As a result, insurance companies may use different tactics to avoid paying victims the compensation they are due. 

Therefore, you should enlist the services of an offshore accident attorney to increase your chances of getting fair compensation. Experienced attorneys at explain that the benefit of dealing with a law firm is that it works to ensure the accident victims get sufficient pecuniary compensating to meet their treatment costs, support their families, and pay bills. More importantly, attorneys have experience with handling such cases, and this will give you peace of mind. When you deal with a lawyer, they will fully protect your legal rights and increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. 

Document Everything

You should document everything at the accident scene, so you can use the evidence to support your case. Get statements from eyewitnesses and make sure they corroborate with your account of events. You should write down everything so you don’t forget some of the critical details. If possible, you can use your phone to take pictures or a video of the accident scene. For instance, you can target certain factors such as the likely causes of the accident like bad weather, poor lighting, and visible injuries. If there is CCTV footage, make sure the evidence is preserved.

Contact the Insurance Company

You must get details about your employer’s insurance company to initiate the process of filing your compensation claim. Your attorney should gather all the necessary evidence before filing a claim on your behalf. When your lawyer is handling the case, make sure you don’t give any recorded statement to the insurance company since they may use the information against you. Your lawyer should handle everything on your behalf.  

One thing about insurance companies you should know is that they are in business to earn a profit and therefore have a proclivity towards making the minimum payment possible. Therefore, you should leave your attorney to negotiate a fair settlement. Even if the adjuster from the insurance company sounds friendly, you should never divulge information that can compromise your case. You should also not rush to accept the first offer made by the insurance provider. 

Offshore accidents are common and they are caused by different factors. If you are injured in this kind of incident, you are entitled to get compensation for your injuries from the insurer. Make sure you report the case soon after its occurrence. To increase the chances of getting a fair settlement for your injuries, you should engage a professional lawyer to handle your case. Make sure you have sufficient evidence to support your claim.    

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