How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds: A Guide for Beginners

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The life of cannabis begins with the seed germinating cycle, which ensures the successful growth of the plant. Looking for some tips to do it the right way? You’re in luck because this article deals with some of the common questions of newbies, such as what to start with, how to germinate seeds, and where to keep them so that they’d reward you with a fruitful harvest. So, keep reading and find out how to germinate a weed seed like a pro!

About Germinating Cannabis Seeds

In general, cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, if you want to do it properly and minimize losses, it’s best to adhere to seasoned growers that tell you to grow the seeds in a greenhouse or at home. This is so because small plants are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations as well as mold, pests, and wind and need to be planted out in a safe place where they won’t be exposed to hazards.

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Planning for Germination

The environment where the seeds will be planted out is quite important. However, there are three other things that should be taken care of as well. These include temperature, moisture, and minimal interference. Out of all, temperature plays one of the most important roles. When the temperature’s maintained at an optimal level, which is about 22 °C and 25 °C, a plant knows that it’s time for it to grow, and the germination process begins. 

Furthermore, cannabis seeds need a humid environment for successful growth. However, do not make it too wet. Otherwise, it may result in mold and lead to your plant’s death. The best humidity range for germination is between 70% to 90%.

Besides that, small plants do not like unnecessary fuss around them. They’ve got quite fragile roots that can be easily broken by careless handling. Therefore, seasoned cultivators recommend that you don’t interfere with the plant’s structures too much.

Other than that, you may want to leave your seeds soaking in a compost tea or 1% hydrogen peroxide for about 12 hours prior to planting them to kill any dangerous pests.

3 Simple Ways to Germinate Seeds

There exist tons of ways of germinating marijuana seeds, but we’ll focus on the most popular of them, which are all-natural, easy to follow, and require little to no effort. 

Germinate Seeds Directly in Soil

The easiest method out of all is to germinate cannabis seeds directly in the soil. The beauty about this method is that it needs minimum intervention and excludes the risk of accidentally damaging the plant’s roots. Just use a fertilized soil or a seed starter – it contains all the minerals your plants need and requires no additional feeding.

Germinate Seeds in Water

Germinating cannabis seeds in water is another popular way. This method is simple and 90% effective, almost always resulting in a healthy plant. All you need to do is leave the seeds in a cup filled with water, and in a couple of days, they’ll show their small tail.

Water Germination

Growers prefer germinating seeds in water for a few reasons. One of them is that it ensures your seeds get the right amount of moisture. Another one is, it’s much easier for seeds to crack in water than in coarse soil. If you’d like to try your hand at germinating seeds in water, the tips below may come in handy.

  • Fill the cup with water and let it reach the temperature of around 18-20 °C;
  • Put weed seeds into the cup and leave them to soak there for 2-4 days; 
  • Change the water every other day, but make sure that it has reached room temperature first, or the seeds won’t germinate properly.

When the seeds start to split and show their tail, this is a sign that they can be planted out.

Other Germination Methods

While the germination methods described above are considered the most successful, they aren’t the only ways. Many growers choose to use other germination methods, such as starter cubes, stone wool blocks, and special soil plugs. A shortcoming to most of these methods is that they aren’t very straightforward, making it a tad bit difficult for novice growers to get things right on the first try. However, there’s also a safe option that perfectly suits growers of all levels, which is to germinate seeds in peat pellets.

Germinating Seeds in Peat Pellets

Made of compressed peat, pellets are an absolute treat for young plants. Not only do they provide seeds with nutrient-dense soil, but they also have just the right amount of pH level, saving you from having to feed them additionally. The only thing you’ll need to do prior to germination is soaking the pellets in warm water.

Germination Environment

As was mentioned above, the environment in which the seeds germinate plays no less important role than the material used, so it should be given attention. Here are the key points to look out for when looking for the right setting for weed seeds.

How to Water Sprouting Seeds

Just like any other seeds, cannabis needs watering, but take note that it should be done the right way. The easiest way to know if your seeds get the optimal amount of water is to water them until you see it dripping off from below. This amount is considered safe as the water tends to evaporate quickly and only lasts for a few days.

Lighting and Temperature

With weed seeds, you don’t need too much lighting and should only use fluorescent grow lights, placing them at a safe distance of about 15 cm. When the first leaves start to form, you can move them closer, and after a few weeks’ time, it’ll be safe to switch to a high-powered grow light.

Where to Germinate Seeds

The best place to germinate weed seeds is definitely indoors. Not only does it make it easier for you to watch the plant and maintain the proper temperature conditions, but it also eliminates the hazards that are inevitable outdoors, such as cold, rain, wind, and so on. Over time, you can move the plant outdoors. But in order for it to grow healthy and strong, it’s highly recommended that you don’t do it right at the beginning of its life cycle.

Planting Your Germinated Seeds

Planting the seeds is quite easy, although care must be taken in order not to break their roots. Place the white roots about half an inch in the soil, leaving the top sitting just slightly above so that the young plant can easily break through the ground. Give it about a week, and you should see small sprouts peeking through the soil.


To sum it all up, getting things done right isn’t that difficult if you follow these simple instructions and buy the right seeds from a trusted vendor (like Ask Growers). Other than that, take it slowly, show your patience, and be sure that the outcome will meet and even exceed your expectations!

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